Future iPhones might incorporate Nokia 3310's month-long battery life technology

John B. Goodenough's new risk-free battery might also have the long lasting power and could be used by electric cars.


At the Mobile World Congress 2017, the new Nokia 3310 grabbed all the eyeballs. More than the nostalgic appeal, Nokia 3310 impressed the market with enormous battery life, which supposedly lasts for 30 days without requiring charging. Now a group of researchers is developing a battery for iPhone that could last as long as Nokia device.

Meanwhile, Physicist John B. Goodenough, who is now looking at the possibility of using all-solid-state battery cells instead of the lithium ion ones. Lithium batteries are being used in high-end devices, but they have a potential risk of malfuctioning as they charge ions between the positive and negative anodes using liquid electrolytes. Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which proved to be a big failure for the company, used such batteries.

John Goodenough's new work on the batteries is also reported to have long lasting features like Nokia 3310. The researchers are utilizing glass electrolytes instead of liquid ones to prevent explosions, reported Express.

ThaiTech suggests that the new battery may be used in the upcoming iPhones. Although, it is unlikely to be perfected within the time of releasing the iPhone 8 but it will be incorporated in other future iPhones.

Previous rumors indicated that the iPhone 8 will sport a 2700mAh L-shaped 2-cell battery. Goodenough's new battery, if prove to be as successful as that of Nokia 3310, will also be used in electric vehicles.

This article was first published on March 14, 2017