'Full-Scale War' if US and Japan Try to Prevent Taiwan Becoming Next Hong Kong

Amid tensions with China over Taiwan, Australia and India have joined the US and Japan in naval exercises.

As the confrontation between China and the United States escalates, Taiwan is increasingly in focus. A regional expert has said that if the People's Liberation Army initiates military action against Taiwan, it will only end up as a full-scale confrontation with the US-Japan alliance.

In the ongoing conflict between China and the United States, Taiwan looms as a major flashpoint. On multiple occasions, Beijing has made it clear that Taiwan remains an integral part of China and if any other country would like to change that, then it would meet with some severe results.


There are multiple reports that stats how Beijing is not going to show any leniency on this issue and has not ruled out using force to reunify Taiwan with mainland China.

"The PLA (People's Liberation Army) is very clear that once a war with Taiwan breaks out, their opponent will not just be the Taiwanese military, but the US-Japan alliance and other allies in the region," a researcher from Beijing-based military science and technology institute were quoted by SCMP.

US Take on China's Actions Against Taiwan

At the same time, even the United States has cleared its stand on multiple occasions. With the United Kingdom cutting down its ties with Beijing, Republican leader Nikki Haley has written a long op-ed that talks about Taiwan and how it is very much important to stand up to China lest Taiwan becomes the next Hong Kong.

"The Chinese Communist Party is already threatening Taiwan. America cannot let that happen. Especially after Hong Kong, there's an urgent need to show US support for Taiwan, which is one of our most valued and responsible partners in the Indo-Pacific," Haley wrote in her op-ed blog.

President Donald Trump has openly blamed China for the spread of coronavirus. He stated during his recent briefing that Beijing chose not to stop the spread of the virus that has resulted in the death of thousands of people.

In the op-ed, Haley openly stated how Beijing is making the world less safe and a confrontation is more likely. If things between Beijing and Washington go further south then the aggression would come at a high price.

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley, the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations. (UN/IANS) UN/IANS

Haley added that the Trump administration has authorized more than $8 billion in military sales to Taiwan and has also ordered several US Navy ships to sail through the Taiwan Strait.

The USA and Japan's Naval Exercises

Following the ongoing talks, the USA and Japan have joined hands in conducting military exercises. Most recently, these two nations were joined by Australia in the Philippine Sea.

This ongoing military activity coincides with a swift warning that came directly from US Defense Secretary Mark Esper. He said that under Trump's administration, America will step up its challenges to China's territorial claims.