Frozen 2: Disney crosses whooping $3billion earning, revenue may go past predicted mark

Frozen 2 is predicted to earn over $130M-$140M on its opening weekend at the box office

Disney is on road to make another historic earning with its domestic box office revenue, third time to be precise all thanks to the recently release Frozen 2. The much-awaited animated sequel has had a fiery start with its release this weekend and is estimated to bring in $130M-$140M. But that achievement is just the tip of the iceberg.

Reception from audiences and critics for Frozen 2 has been largely positive so far although some argue the film doesn't have the emotional weight as the first title. Nonetheless, it isn't stopping fans from going to theatres to witness Elsa and Anna on their unknown mystery journey.

Disney earned over $1.2 billion with Frozen at the worldwide box office

Frozen 2 poster
Frozen/ Disney

A new report from Deadline reveals that Frozen 2 will soon push Disney's domestic box office earnings past $3 billion. Earnings from Fox projects (now Disney owned) haven't been taken into consideration but if they are, the studio has already gone past $3.5 billion with its domestic run.

There's no doubt that Disney owned Marvel Studios played a vital role in bringing the big earnings for the third time in history in 2019. But it seems evident that the Mouse House would likely go past the $3.5B mark or more after Frozen 2 ends its box office run.

Disney first crossed the $3 billion domestic earning mark in 2016

Frozen 2
Twitter/Frozen 2

For those unaware, the First Frozen movie earned over $1.276 billion globally with a whopping $400 million from the US. The Disney film also made the big buck at other regions such as Canada and Japan.

The sequel is likely to earn big numbers in foreign regions such as India, especially from the dubbed versions. Disney India has signed on several A-listers from Bollywood such as Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra to voice Elsa and Anna. Other such prominent actors from the Indian cinema industry will be voicing the beloved Disney characters in various languages such as Tamil and Telugu.

Disney looks to end the year on a strong note thanks to its upcoming December release title, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But in a sense of competition among others in the industry, the Mouse House already holds the title as the first studio to cross the $3 billion mark domestically.
Frozen 2 is in theatres worldwide.