Frontier Airlines Passenger Arrested for Forcing Entire Flight to Deboard During Argument with Crew Over Exit Row Instructions [WATCH]

The woman was spotted from the window being led off the plane down a flight of stairs in handcuffs to the tarmac and into the back of a police vehicle, according to the footage.

A Frontier Airlines passenger was arrested after she refused to leave the plane following an argument with flight attendants over exit row instructions, shocking footage shows. Everyone on the flight at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was also forced to deplane before takeoff during the chaos.

Video of the incident posted to TikTok by Travel with Tia shows the unidentified woman visibly upset with airline employees as fellow passengers pleaded with her to get off. The woman continued to insist that she wouldn't leave but was escorted off the flight by cops. As she was removed, passengers on board had to deplane while she was taken away in a police car.

Ruckus in Flight, Harassment for Passengers

Frontier Airlines passenger
The unidentified Frontier Airlines passenger seen arguing with the crew over exit row instructions X

The footage begins with an unidentified woman engaged in a back-and-forth with a flight attendant, at one point asking the flight crew member, "What is the problem?"

"We ain't got no problem with that," she added. "We understand we gotta help people get off the plane."

The woman then tells the flight attendant that she was "wasting her breath," as the crew member walked away, as shown in the video.

The video then cuts to the woman, who was sitting with two other passengers, getting into a verbal altercation with another flight crew member after it appeared she was being asked to exit the plane.

The pilot can be heard apologizing over the public address system for the delay and promised that the plane would be taking off soon once law enforcement arrived, according to the footage.

Frontier Airlines passenger
The woman continued to argue even after police arrived to remove her X

The video jumps again to a third staffer who works for Frontier or the airport also asking the woman to exit the plane, to no avail.

She then said she was calling her lawyer and she needed to reach her young grandson in Texas.

Repeated Requests Followed by Arrest

Another clip then shows one of the pilots confronting the unruly passenger as others encourage her to get off the plane. "Are you arresting me," she exclaimed. "What crime did I commit?"

Frontier Airlines passenger
All the passengers of the Frontier Airlines flight had to deplane because of the woman X

Passengers are then seen walking off the plane and back to the waiting area.

The woman was spotted from the window being led off the plane down a flight of stairs in handcuffs to the tarmac and into the back of a police vehicle, according to the footage.

One man can be heard in the background calling the woman a "dumb***."

"And her shirt says God on it," another woman can be heard saying.

The same TikToker, Travel with Tia, who filmed the confrontation, explained in a follow-up video that when the woman realized she was in the exit row, she allegedly said she wasn't going to "save anybody" and was going to worry about herself first.

Frontier Airlines passenger
The Frontier Airlines passenger was arrested and taken off the plane X

Passengers sitting in emergency exit rows are asked by flight attendants before takeoff if they are willing and able to operate the exit door in the event of an emergency during the flight.

"This may have been her first time in a exit row so she did not understand or realize or want to understand that the flight attendant has to get a verbal yes from everyone when you are doing, when you are going through the drill," the TikToker claimed.

"And she had an attitude with giving the verbal yes because she thought shaking her head was sufficient and didn't realize or didn't want to realize why she had to give a verbal yes."