Fresh Moto C and C Plus photos leaked alongside E4 and Z2 Force

Freshly leaked photo of Moto E4 reveals fingerprint sensor on its front panel.

Moto Z2 Force
Fresh Moto C and C Plus photos leaked alongside E4 and Z2 Force

Motorola's ultra-low budget phones, the Moto C and C Plus, have resurfaced in a fresh instalment of leaked photos, following yesterday's leak. The two phones purportedly come with low-end specs and a lower price in contrast to the Moto E line-up.

Moto C and Moto C Plus

It is clearly evident from the leaked photos that the Moto C phones come with rear speakers, capacitive touch buttons for navigation, and a Moto logo on the front. However, it seems the Moto C Plus is slightly thinner than the Moto C with the exception of a camera bump on its rear.

Also check out the fourth-gen Moto E in the leaked screenshot below, wherein you will see noticeable similarities of its design and finish with the recently released Moto G5/G5 Plus. The phone also debuts a fingerprint sensor along with the predominant Moto logo on the front panel.

Moto E

In the next photo (below), we can see the Moto Z2 Force that mirrors the design elements of the current-gen Z Force. The former is touted to be the more durable version of the latter and with smaller plastic bezels at the top and bottom of the rear.

Moto Z2 Force

The Z2 Force also carries the trademark Moto logo on the front and the Lenovo logo on its sides like the others with the exception of Moto C model which has no Lenovo logo on it.

[Source: @OnLeaks (Twitter)]