Francisco Oropeza: Texas Man Shoots Dead Five Neighbors After They Asked Him to Stop Shooting His Gun at 11:30pm; Suspect Still on the Run

Oropeza, however, is still on the run, and police have warned that he is armed and could be dangerous.

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A Mexican man living in Texas shot dead five of his neighbors, including an eight-year-old boy, and is on the armed, police said on Saturday. Francisco Oropeza, 38, allegedly opened fire on his neighbors at 11.30 pm on Friday in Cleveland, a city north of Houston, after they asked him to stop practicing firing his gun in the yard.

Oropeza, who is believed to have been drunk when the incident happened, somehow managed to slip away from law enforcement, who consider him "armed and dangerous." He was initially tracked to a wooded area about a mile away from the shooting scene but could not be nabbed.

On a Shooting Spree

Francisco Oropzeza
Francisco Oropzeza Twitter

Oropeza was asked to put down his firearm by his neighbors, a family of 10 sharing a home who were trying to put a newborn to sleep. Oropeza said, "I'll do what I want in my front yard," and then opened fire with an AR-15 on five members of the family before escaping.

Oropeza was known for frequently firing his gun in his yard.

When the police arrived, they found a male lying dead in the living room and two adult women dead at the front of the house.

Sheriff Greg Capers of San Jacinto County informed that the two women were covered in blood and were lying over two little infants who were alive.

"In my opinion, they were actually trying to take care of the babies and keep them babies alive," he said.

It's unclear where exactly the eight-year-old child was in the home. Police said that all of the victims were from Honduras.

He was described by police as a 5'8" to 5'10" tall Mexican man. An arrest warrant has been issued with a $5 million bond.

Oropeza, however, is still on the run, and police have warned that he is armed and could be dangerous.

Evading the Police

Francisco Oropzeza
Police frantically are looking for Francisco Oropzeza who managed to flee the scene after shooting dead five people Twitter

Oropeza was initially located by authorities in a forested area about a mile away from the crime scene in the hours following the massacre, but as of 7 pm on Saturday, San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers reported that he was no longer "cornered."

Sheriff Capers added, "We are getting closer to him every minute of every hour, but we know who he is."

"An extensive manhunt for Oropeza has not yielded his location. If you have any tips or information, please call our office immediately at 936-653-4367. You can remain anonymous," the sheriff's office posted on its Facebook page.

"Oropeza is considered armed and dangerous, do not approach or attempt to apprehend.

"Contact local authorities immediately."

Capers said that the FBI is now directing the hunt for Oropeza. According to reports, police found Oropeza's clothes, cell phone, and murder weapon.