Four Husbands in Singapore Sentenced for Drugging Their Wives, Having Each Other Rape Them to Fulfil Sick Fantasies

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Four out of seven men involved in an unprecedented case where husbands with wife-sharing fantasies conspired with other men to have their own partners sedated and raped were sentenced to between 13½ years and 22 years in prison on Wednesday.

They were each also ordered to be given 20 strokes of the cane, except for one man who was above the age of 50 and cannot be caned. "This is one of the most astonishing and atrocious cases of sexual assault to come before the court," said Justice Pang Khang Chau before sentencing the four men.

The Men Watched Each Other Rape Their Wives, Even Recorded the Act

As reported by The Straits Times, Three of the men, only identified by their initials due to a gag order; Husband K, 45; Husband L, 53; and Husband M, 45 – had helped another man gain access to their respective partners and then watched as the accomplice raped, or tried to rape, the unconscious women.

K and M recorded the assaults of their partners and shared the photos and videos with other men. These three men, as well as a fourth, Bachelor N, 37, each also conspired with another accomplice, Husband J, 41, for them to rape J's wife between 2010 and 2018. J faces the most number of charges among all seven men involved in the case. His case is still pending in court.

Husbands Shared Wife-Sharing Fantasies, Images on Online Forum

Georgia man arrested and charged with necrophilia for having sex with dead woman. Pixabay

The men met one another on the SammyBoy online forum and other platforms for people looking to exchange sexual partners and share their wives, and also introduced the others to each other.

In both private and group chats, they discussed wife-sharing fantasies where the husband would watch another man have sex with his wife. They also exchanged details of their sex lives and shared explicit images or videos of their wives or partners with each other.

Aside from conspiring to rape each other's wives, J and K each also secretly live-streamed themselves having sex with their wives to others. After watching, the viewers would sometimes commend each other on a "nice show" at the sexual acts performed.

Husbands Got Caught After One of the Wives Found Explicit Images on His Phone

The crimes came to light after J's wife discovered explicit images of herself on his mobile phone on Jan 1, 2020, and found out her husband and K had been "exchanging wives."

K, who worked in business development, drugged his wife with sleeping pills on three occasions between 2012 and 2013, and when she fell unconscious, J raped her each time on the couple's matrimonial bed.

In turn, with J's help, K raped J's unconscious wife in 2014 at J's flat. After raping each other's wives, K and J continued to chat about what they had done. K said it would be nice if J could "manage to knock her up". They also spoke of plans to get their wives raped and impregnated by other men.

L, a business development manager, conspired with J to rape and sexually assault J's unconscious wife in 2013. Years later, in 2017, L conspired with his colleague P for his own wife to be raped by P. However, L's wife regained consciousness before P could rape her.

M, 45, a company director, conspired with J to rape and sexually assault J's unconscious wife in 2010, and to molest her in 2011. In 2018, M conspired with J for his ex-wife to be raped by J in 2018. M's ex-wife agreed to go with him to J's flat, where she fell unconscious after J offered her a spiked drink.

N, a food delivery worker, conspired with J for N to rape J's wife on two occasions between 2017 and 2018. P, who was invited by L to rape his wife but ultimately did not succeed, was jailed for three years in January. The last accomplice, O, is contesting the charge against him for the rape of J's wife.