Former official blames Pentagon for not probing 2 specific UFO incidents

Mysterious object spotted Screengrab from YouTube

Christopher Mellon, the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, has blamed the US defense agency Pentagon for not investigating UFO encounters.

Mellon, who is now an adviser 'To the Stars Academy for Arts and Science' wrote a detailed report about UFOs in the Washington Post recently, and he stated that authorities have no idea over the bizarre sightings as no proper investigations were carried out to unravel these mysteries.

The two unexplained sightings which still remain mystery

It was in December 2017 that the Defense Department declassified two stunning videos which feature encounters between US F-18 jets and an unidentified aircraft. In the video, one can see an object flying at a stellar speed, and experts argue that the aircraft flew in such a way that it defied all laws of physics.

To unravel this mystery, the Pentagon had launched an investigation program named ' Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP)' in 2007 but was scrapped in 2011 after the team failed to provide scientific explanation for the sighting. Finally, the report, published in the New York Times compelled Pentagon to release these videos.

Later, To the Stars Academy released a video which features another flying object encountered by the US Navy off the East Coast in 2015.

"Is it possible that America has been technologically leap-frogged by Russia or China? Or, as many people wondered after the videos were first published by the New York Times in December, might they be evidence of some alien civilization? Unfortunately, we have no idea, because we aren't even seeking answers," wrote Christopher Mellon.

Mellon blamed the Pentagon for the resignation of Louis Elizondo who headed the authority's UFO search program. "A colleague of mine at To the Stars Academy, Luis Elizondo, used to run a Pentagon intelligence program that examined evidence of "anomalous" aircraft, but he resigned last fall to protest government inattention to the growing body of empirical data," wrote Mellon.

Are authorities intentionally turning their blind eye?

Mellon believes that the sightings should be investigated with priority, as it is a matter of national security. Other critics claim that the authority is not interested to learn more about these mysterious sightings or they might be intentionally covering up the details of these incidents.

"The current approach by Pentagon is equivalent to having the Army conduct a submarine search without the Navy. It is also reminiscent of the counterterrorism efforts of the CIA and the FBI before Sept. 11, 2001, when each had information on the hijackers that they kept to themselves. In this instance, the truth may ultimately prove benign, but why leave it to chance?," said Mellon.

Mellon believes that some of the aircraft might be of Russian origin, and in the wild possibility, it might have come from outer space. The ex-deputy assistant defense secretary urged authorities to look deep into the issue, as it is an urgent requirement to protect the nation.