Former employee reveals plan was in place to kill WWE owner Vince McMahon

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A picture of Vince McMahon.WWE Website
A picture of Vince McMahon. WWE Website

The name Vince McMahon is now synonymous with professional wrestling for a while now. He is the man responsible for turning what was perceived to be just a nice sport into a cash cow, a global phenomenon, which has captured the imagination of the world. He is the person who has built arguably one of the most successful business establishment and it ranks back to 1980s when he bought Vince bought WWE (WWF) from his father.

As the company grew, as the industry grew, it also led to the rise of Hulkamania, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They established WWE as a worldwide leader in professional wrestling. Now, with success, comes a lot of rivalries and danger as well.

In a recent interview, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has revealed that he had heard the National Wrestling Alliance promoters discussing a plan to kill Vince McMahon. He also said that they believed McMahon has plans to take his company to a national level, which would absorb all the regional organizations. Hence, they wanted to take action against him.

Startling revelations made

"So anyway, we're getting ready to have lunch, that suspicious mystery lunch. And we had our break, and I make my way to the men's room. I go into the first available stall. Might have been the only stall in there. And I get down to do my business, and here comes a bunch of guys walking in off of that meeting. Famous wrestling promoters. Hall of Fame men. Some of the most famous men in pro wrestling history, are in my little bathroom. And I'm sitting there trying to be discreet. You ever try to be discreet when you really need to go? It's hard, it's very sad. It's really said," Ross revealed on his podcast.

Ross also revealed that they started speaking about Vince and he heard a very distinctive voice say that they could have 'the (expletive) killed for $700. Why don't we just do that?'

"They washed their hands, and I can't wait to lower my feet back to the floor because my abdomen was hurting, 'cause I was in bad shape. And they leave," he further revealed.

Ross goes on to add: "So I come out of the — I finished my thing and washed my hands, believe it or not. I said, 'Cowboy, well that was interesting.' He says, 'What?' And so I told him. He says, 'Aw, shit. They're just flapping their gums, kid. They ain't gonna do shit. They couldn't agree who's gonna put the $700 in, if that was what they're gonna do.' He said, 'We're leaving. And we'll go someplace else and have a good lunch, besides this shit. Cowboy was more interested in the lunch we had, we got a few names of talents that were [interested] and things were going on. We had some big shows coming up, so if you get a date on Harley, or a date on this guy or that guy, all helped. 'cause he's not gonna join the Alliance."

After ruling the industry for many years, WWE is now locked in a battle with AEW, which is backed by billionaire Tony Khan, who is the son of Shahid Khan.

This article was first published on August 22, 2019