Former 4Minute's Jeon Jiyoon 'frustrated' with rumours about the group

Cube Entertainment disbanded the South Korean girl band on 16 June.

Jeon Jiyoon
Jeon Jiyoon is a former member of South Korean girl group band, 4Minute Facebook/Jijyoon

Former 4Minute member Jeon Jiyoon revealed that she still keeps in contact with her former girl group members. Cube Entertainment disbanded the South Korean girl band on 16 June.

During an interview with Ten Asia, the 26-year-old singer talked about their bond, and revealed how they helped her for her solo debut. She said: "The members helped me a lot in preparing my album. Whenever I expressed concern, they gave me practical advice. They knew what I need to do when I ran into trouble since we've promoted together in the past."

The girl group, which debuted in 2009, reportedly parted ways due to a conflict in member's futuristic opinions. Jiyoon signed with the agency, JS E&M, who is also home to artists like Byun Jung Soo, Chun Jung Myung, Seo Ha Joon, and Yang Mi Ra. She said: "We went through a tough time together. Our relationship became stronger. We had to tightly come together, and we also became closer while sharing our pain."

Jiyoon also rubbished rumours about the group. She said: "It's frustrating. We heard about ourselves through the news, and we couldn't explain everything. It was upsetting. We wanted to tell everything, but people just assumed things, and that was upsetting."

She continued: "We wanted to say that our members are doing well, but rather than speaking, I think it'll be better for us to show through music or promotions."

Jiyoon's first solo mini album, Day AND Night will release on 2 November.