Forget Wheeling on Roads, Japanese Company Assures Flying Cars by 2023

These flying cars are expected to revolutionize the travel sector, as it will reduce heavy traffic jams in cities

The concept of flying cars is not a fictional concept, as companies like Airbus, Uber, and Boeing are reportedly pouring in millions to materialize these vessels. However, Japanese scientists have gone a step ahead, and they are now working on developing flying vessels capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), which is very much essential to cover smaller distances.

Even though receiving heavy competition in this arena, Japanese company SkyDrive has envisioned a two-seater car that is quite suitable for passengers who want to travel short distances. The company claims that this car will be the world's smallest flying vessel which could revolutionize futuristic traveling needs.

A prototype of this future car which is powered by battery indicates that it has a pair of propellers installed at each of its four corners. This prototype was released by SkyDrive last December, but still, several people remained skeptical about the date in which these cars will hit the market. Now, flying car projects are receiving assistance from the Japanese government, and the ultimate aim of all these moves is to launch a flying car service by early 2023.

Flying Cars: The Need of Modern Travelers

Flying Car
YouTube: The Japan Times

Experts believe that the introduction of flying cars will reduce heavy traffic jams in major cities. These vessels capable of vertical take-off and landing could be used to reach remote and mountainous areas. SkyDrive also hopes that their new flying cars could be of great help in the event of natural disasters and other emergencies.

If everything goes well, SkyDrive will conduct a manned demo of their flying car in the coming months. Later, the company will initially commercialize an air taxi service by 2023, and they plan to sell a fully automated car by 2028. SkyDrive also revealed that their smallest car can reach a maximum speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour.