Footage Shows Ukraine Army Destroying Russian Tank; Regiment's Massive Losses Force Putin to Recruit Retired Personnel

A new video has emerged on the internet showing a Russian tank being destroyed seconds after Ukrainian troops targeted it. Ukrainian land forces have verified the video, which emerged on Friday.

Initially, the Russian tank was damaged by the Ukraine forces' attack and the tank suddenly exploded into a huge ball of flame. Experts pointed out that the explosion was possibly caused by ammunition in the tank after an attack by Ukraine forces.

Russian tank destroyed
Screengrab shows Russian tank destroyed in Ukraine Twitter

The tank was targeted by a mechanized brigade of the Ukraine Army, the 53rd Prince Volodymyr Monomakh. But it was not revealed where the explosion took place.

Ukraine land forces have posted the clip of the explosion on social media including images of the aftermath.

Russia's tank regiment is facing massive losses and President Vladimir Putin has been forced to recruit retired military personnel to match the required numbers of troops, revealed Britain's Defence Ministry.

UK's intelligence has suggested that Putin is recruiting personnel who were discharged by 2012 to fill up the numbers of fallen soldiers as Ukraine has claimed nearly 20,000 Kremlin troops have died in the war, according to the Daily Mail.

Putin's military is also recruiting troops from the Transnistria region of Moldova, which the Council of Europe designated as occupied territory of Russia in March.

Recently, Russia also lost its ninth colonel in the Ukraine war, a major blow to President Vladimir Putin's military. Alexander Bespalov was given a funeral in Russia as he was Moscow's latest senior officer to be killed in the invasion.

Bespalov was commander of the 59th Tank Guards Tank Regiment, which faced massive losses on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, a large convoy of Russia's armor and artillery vehicles is leading toward East Ukraine, new satellite imagery has revealed.

Maxar technologies' images have shown the eight-mile-long convoy of weaponry snaking through the town of Velykyi Burluk.

Russian forces' convoy is believed to be heading for the frontlines in the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Last week, Russian troops withdrew from Kyiv areas and started focusing on Ukraine's eastern regions.