Foodpanda Singapore Instagram account hacked, this woman gets abuses instead of food

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Some Singapore residents may have received strange replies while contacting Foodpanda on Instagram over the past few days but the fact is that the company stated in a post that their account has been hacked.

After revealing the hacking incident the food delivery platform stated in the Facebook post on Monday that they are currently advising the customers to stop responding to any activity from this account. Foodpanda said that their team is currently working to resolve the cybersecurity issue.

As reported, an angry woman customer, Jenny Liang shred the details about the rude response that she received from Foodpanda on Instagram on Sunday.

She wrote on Instagram that "So after all the pain I went through these two days. I tried to get food from @foodpandasg and got the worst service ever. Rate Foodpanda" and soon after posting it, she received a threatening message which stated, "Delete this, you dumb w*****," which was deleted once it was read.

Later she again posted another post on social media to save the screenshot of the response. Then she received another abusive message from the same account that said, "F*** you, b****" and "Suck my d***."

Next day, when the woman posted a video online and recounted that a staff of Foodpanda told her around 7.45 pm on live chat that her order was being prepared. While talking to that unknown staff over live chat, she asked to cancel her order and urged for a refund but her request was not accepted.

Soon after checking the order chit supplied by the delivery man, she came to know that it was picked up at 7.13 pm.

However, it was not revealed whether the company could have resolved the issue or not, but on Monday Foodpanda clearly mentioned that the inconvenience was caused by a hacker. Currently, the verified Instagram account looks like this:

Hacked Foodpanda Instagram account
Hacked Foodpanda Instagram account Instagram grab