Florida Woman Assaults Boyfriend After He Refuses to Perform Oral Sex on Her While She Was High

The woman, identified as Katanya Jordan, claims she acted in self-defense after the boyfriend choked her following a verbal argument.

A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly attacking her 69-year-old boyfriend after he refused to perform a sexual act on her, according to police.

Katanya Jordan, 46, was taken into custody after Largo police officers responded to a 3 a.m. disturbance call at the residence she shared with her boyfriend.

Attacked After Sexual Rejection

According to the arrest affidavit shared by The Smoking Gun, when officers arrived at the location, the boyfriend told them that he and Jordan were having an argument in relation to her "smoking crack."

The victim said Jordan was "high" and started yelling at him to pleasure her orally. He, however, declined Jordan's request, prompting her to allegedly start "hitting and scratching him." The document noted that the victim sustained "several small lacerations," which investigators believe may have been caused by the defendant's fingernails.

Katanya Jordan
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The boyfriend's roommate said he witnessed the assault and his recollection of the events was in line with what the victim told officers. The boyfriend also alleged that after the assault, Jordan stole his cellphone and fled the residence on foot but was apprehended by police with the help of K-9 tracking units.

Jordan claims she acted in self-defense after she was choked by her boyfriend following their argument but there were no signs of physical injury were found on Jordan.

Charged with Battery

Jordan has been charged with felony domestic battery as well as grand theft for stealing the victim's cellphone and is currently being held in county jail on a $12,500 bond. According to Florida state laws, a felony domestic battery conviction may result in a sentence of imprisonment for a term lasting up to five years.

Court records show that Jordan has a history of prior convictions for aggravated assault, welfare fraud, cocaine possession, battery, theft, grand theft, obstruction, trespassing, marijuana possession, violating an order of protection and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Additionally, in separate incidents, Jordan has been arrested for striking her pregnant daughter, hitting her brother-in-law in the head, and smacking her boyfriend (the same man identified as the victim in the current case) with a glass vase. In all three matters, prosecutors declined to pursue charges against Jordan.