Florida Woman Arrested for Helping Boyfriend Kill His Cousin's 'Cheating' Wife, Trying to Frame Ex Before Killing Him

A 20-year-old woman from Dover, Florida, has been arrested for her role in arranging two murders in Hillsborough County.

According to deputies, Fatima Garcia Avila, allegedly helped her boyfriend kill his cousin's wife, Erica Aviles, because they believed she was having an affair, reports FOX 13 News.

Aviles Shot to Death Outside Her Home Last Month

Fatima Garcia Avila and Erica Aviles
Fatima Garcia Avila (left) and Erica Aviles. Twitter

As reported by WFLA, Aviles, 22, was shot to death outside her home on July 18. Around 10 p.m. the night of the shooting, Cornelio Negrete said he was putting their 7-month-old son to bed when he heard gunshots outside their home.

Negrete said he rushed outside after he heard her screaming and found her lying on the ground. Negrete, the cousins of one of the suspects, was also injured by a gunshot but survived. He said the person who shot them even stole their silver pick-up truck. Several hours later in the hospital, Negrete said two deputies and a chaplain delivered the "worst news" that his wife didn't make it.

Avila Tried to Frame Her Ex-BF, He was Found Dead a Week Later

Deputies said Garcia Avila then tried to frame her ex-boyfriend, Antonio Cuellar-Enriquez, for the murder. He was found dead about a week later at the Baker Creek Boat Ramp in Thonotosassa. Deputies said Garcia Avila and her current boyfriend, Daniel Negrete, killed him, but tried to make it look like a suicide.

Although Garcia Avila never fired a weapon, she's facing two counts of murder and a count of conspiracy to commit murder. Daniel has not yet been charged, but was in jail this weekend for driving without a license. He was released on bond.

'She was a Great Person, a Great Mother'

Every day since the murder, family and friends have gathered to pray and remember the young mother of two. "My daughter cries because she wants to see her mom and its like no daughter should do that," Negrete said.

"I want them [the world] to remember that she was a great person, a great mother. She liked to work all the time since she was a child. And I ask that you help me because I want justice for my daughter," said Aviles' mother Senovia Salmeron, in the wake of her daughter's demise.