Florida Teacher Tells Black Student She Has a 'Right to Dislike Blacks' During Online Class [VIDEO]

Tracey Brown, a teacher at the Poinciana High School, made the racist remarks during a discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement

A video of a white Florida teacher telling a black student in her class that she is entitled to "dislike blacks" because she was once attacked by a gang on a train in Atlanta when she was younger, is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, shared by TikTok user @holasoyness, shows the exchange between social studies teacher Tracey Brown and a black student from the Poinciana High School in Kissimmee, Florida, during an online class on Monday

The video starts off with the student telling Brown that she has never had to go through the struggle that black people face on a daily basis and that people of color live in communities where "cops do not treat them right."

'I Was Attacked by a Gang Using Language of Blacks'

Tracey Brown
Tracey Brown in a still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

"Do you understand?" the student then asked, setting Brown off, the video shows.

"Stop right there, David," Brown said as she cut him off. "Stop! I want to be very clear. What you don't know about me could fill a friggin' swimming pool."

Brown then says she was only 16 years old when she was attacked on the metro in Atlanta by a gang "wearing bandanas" using "gang signs" and speaking the "language of blacks."

"I have as much right as anyone else to dislike blacks for what happened to me," she adds in the video. "So, you don't get to preach to me what I do and don't know."

The student who was at the receiving end of the teacher's racist remarks said they were having a discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement when the exchange took place. Watch the video below:

Brown Removed from Classroom, Petition to Take Disciplinary Action

Thousands of people have since signed an online Change.org petition calling for disciplinary action to be taken against Brown over her comments and are only 500 signatures short of its 2,500 goal.

Brown has been reassigned to a position outside the classroom with no interaction with students as school officials conduct an investigation into the incident, Osceola County School District spokeswoman Dana Schafer told The Post on Thursday.

"Racism, intolerance, and injustice have no place in our communities or in our schools," district officials said in a statement. "We will not tolerate behavior by students or staff which insults, degrades, or stereotypes any race, gender, disability, physical condition, ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation."