Florida Judge Blocks Release of Records in Bob Saget's Death; Cops say Comedian Hit his Head on Headboard

Police have reason to believe that Bob Saget, 65, died after hitting the back of his head on his bed's headboard in his hotel room.

In a new development in connection with Bob Saget's death, cops said that the 65-year-old comedian died after hitting the back of his head on his bed's headboard. Saget died of a brain bleed on January 9 in his hotel room at the Orlando Ritz-Carlton. His death was ruled an accident at the time with no signs of foul play.

However, findings of an autopsy report had fueled cries of foul play as it revealed that prior to his death the actor had fractured his skull in multiple places. The injuries were dubbed consistent with 'blunt force trauma' caused by a baseball bat or a fall from 20 or 30 feet.

A Florida judge granted a temporary injunction on Wednesday blocking the release of any records in connection with the investigation of Bob Saget's death. The ruling comes after Bob Saget's wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Orlando, Florida, requesting the state judge to prohibit the release of any information regarding the probe into Saget's death.

Bob Saget
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'Blunt head trauma'

The autopsy report released by the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office stated that Saget's death was caused by 'blunt head trauma.' The autopsy report also revealed that the comedian was COVID positive at the time of his death.

Dr. Gavin Britz, the chair in neurosurgery at Houston Methodist Hospital told The New York Times that Saget's fractures were not only widespread but in particularly thick parts of his skull. "This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet," he said

According to the autopsy report, Saget suffered an abrasion on his scalp, a fracture at the base of his skull, further fractures around his eye sockets, bleeding between the brain and tissue covering the brain, and bruises to the brain. No illicit drugs were found in his body.

Graphic photos/videos

During the investigation, the medical examiner's office and sheriff's office created graphic photos and videos of his body, records which are prohibited from being released in public by state law.

According to Saget's family's lawsuit, these records have already been requested by media outlets. Citing 'emotional distress,' the lawsuit requested a judge to stop the release of those records from going public.

Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget
Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget Screen grab - Instagram/Kelly Rizzo

Sources close to the investigation told TMZ Wednesday that police have reason to believe that Saget most probably slammed his head on the wooden headboard and was knocked unconscious. Quoting sources, the outlet also reported that the electronic front door to Saget's room showed no one's entry after him. The door was only opened the next day by the hotel staff.