Florida Boarding School Teacher Drives Minor Student to Beach, Has Sex With Him in Car

A female teacher at a boarding school in Florida has been charged with having sex with an underage male student — including once in her car while at a beach, deputies said Tuesday.

Taylor J. Anderson, 38, an English teacher at the IMG Academy, in Bradenton, is charged with sexual battery by custodial authority, traveling to meet a minor, and transmission of harmful material to a minor.

Anderson was communicating with the student via direct messages, social media and texts over a period of several weeks, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Detectives also learned that Anderson picked up the student from the student's apartment in July 2021 and travelled to the beach where the pair engaged in sexual acts while inside Anderson's vehicle. The student later admitted to having sex with Anderson.

Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson, a female teacher at IMG Academy, was arrested for sexual battery after having sex with a student. Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Anderson Wore an IMG Academy Shirt Before Exposing Her Breasts

On the boy's phone, detectives found two Facetime videos from July 24 and Aug. 24. In the first, the boy and teacher can both be seen masturbating and Anderson is wearing an IMG Academy shirt before exposing her breasts. In the latter video, Anderson is seeing masturbating on her bed while he watches, reported the Bradenton Herald.

According to the Herald the student and the teacher had already talked about having sex before agreeing to meet up sometime in early August.

The student stopped talking to the teacher when it 'became weird'. The court documents detailed how Anderson wanted the boy 'to watch and look up videos depicting scenes in which younger...have sexual relations with older females,' reported Daily Mail.

Anderson Was Subsequently Suspended by the Boarding School

Anderson was terminated Wednesday, one day after school staffers learned of the possible sexual relationship. IMG Academy — a boarding school for student-athletes in grades 6-12 — confirmed to The New York Post in a statement Tuesday that Anderson was suspended immediately as soon as staffers learned of the allegations involving a male student.

Investigation Continues

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office says, "Detectives attempted to serve the arrest warrants at Anderson's residence, but she was not there at the time. Her attorney was contacted and updated on the charges. After several days of evading deputies, including a brief trip out of state, Anderson turned herself in last night (Sept 20, 21) at the Manatee County Jail."

Social Media Reactions

One user said, "She'll get probation max. A man would die in prison." Another wrote, "Sexual predators aren't always men." One user shared, "I think a study of the women who do this should be done to gain an understanding about what is going on. What is wrong with these women?"

"Did they drag her out of bed at 4am? Why does she look like she needs a pot of coffee? Sick of predators going after our children," read one comment. Another said, "It occurs to me that perhaps more rigorous mental health screening should be required of those who are given access to our children."