Five Android apps that work without always-on internet

These are the five Android apps that work without requiring an always-on internet connection.


Moving into a zone where you don't have access to the internet, or for some reason, you are trying to disable data on your smartphone? You don't need to worry in any such case now as we are here listing the top five Android apps that work without an always-on internet connection.


If you're looking to track weather forecasts to plan your next trip, but worrying about an active internet connection throughout your tour, the AccuWeather app is a saviour for you. The app helps you live a "weatherproof" day even in the offline mode.

AccuWeather has provided an option to offer a 15-day forecast by using data for once. This means that you just need to connect your Android device to the internet just once to receive weather updates for two weeks. Also, you can enjoy the RealFeel feature of the app that comes with on-screen animations with ice, rain, wind and thunderstorm effects. The app additionally lets you store an enormous number of locations to get location-wise updates.


After AccuWeather, it's Pocket. The Pocket app for Android allows you to read your favourite articles or watch trending videos that are available on the Web -- even when you are not connected to the internet. The app downloads online content to the local storage of your device to let you catch them offline.

The Pocket app includes a syncing capability that syncs stored content on your smartphone, tablet and computer. Further, you can save almost anything; it can be a bookmark in your web browser, or email or data from a social network like Facebook and Twitter, in addition to online articles and videos.


If you don't want to save anything but particularly looking to store RSS feed from a website or blog that interests you the most, FeedMe is the solution made for you. The FeedMe app is a one-stop way to receive updates from multiple websites and blogs -- all offline.

The app works with content aggregators like Feedly, InoReader, Bazqux, The Older Reader and Feedbin and provides you offline reading with pictures and full text in original format. Additionally, you can save your collection to Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper or Readability.

Google Maps

You must be greatly depended on Google Maps if you're in a new place. It helps you search the best from your surroundings and navigate to your destination. These features use the internet to deliver you updated results. But if you don't have an always-on internet, you can leverage the built-in offline mode on the Google Maps app and get directions to your places without any data exchange with your network.

The latest Google Maps app for Android provides you with the option to download an offline area, which can either be your home city or the area you're about to travel. Once downloaded, the app provides you with directions within the area and showcase its roads and famous places, all without requiring an internet connection.


Just like Google Maps, Google has enabled an offline mode on its YouTube app as well. But the offline mode on the YouTube app for Android allows you to download your favourite videos to watch them offline.

The app provides you with multiple resolution options that help you pick the best one, depending on the available storage space and the screen resolution of the device. The downloaded videos are available in a new section on the YouTube app to provides with an entertaining collection, even when you have no data access.

Living without the internet is strenuous. But disabling data on Android, helps you enhance battery life and reduce the count of background apps. So all this gives you another reason to test the above apps and enjoy your day -- even in the absence of the internet.