First ever Robot Suicide Shocks Netizens! The Incident Sparks Online Speculations about Work Overload as the Cause

Tragic Malfunction Leads to Investigation and Public Concern Over Robot Use

In a surprising and tragic incident, a civil servant robot in Gumi, South Korea, reportedly "committed suicide" by throwing itself down a staircase. The robot, which was part of the Gumi City Council, was found severely damaged between the first and second floors of a building. The Daily Mail reported that the robot had malfunctioned.

Residents of Gumi are mourning what has been called the first robot suicide. Witnesses said they saw the robot hovering in one place as if sensing something before the fall. Authorities are now investigating the cause of the incident. A city official stated, "Fragments have been gathered and will undergo analysis by the company."

Robot Suicide

The robot was responsible for delivering documents, promoting the city, and providing information to residents. It had been working since October 2023 and was considered an official part of the city hall staff. An official described the robot as serving diligently.

First Robot Suicide

The incident sparked online speculation about the robot's workload. Some wondered if it was overwhelmed, with one person commenting, "Would he have spun around and rushed down the stairs if the workload was too much?" Another remarked, "I hope that scrap metal finds peace," while a comment on X suggested, "Robots need breaks, vacations, and benefits; they need a union."

The robot, created by California-based Bear Robotics, operated from 9 am to 4 pm and could move between floors independently. Despite the tragic event, there are currently no plans to replace it. South Korea is known for its extensive use of robots in various professions.

This incident follows a previous case in Washington DC, where a security robot named Steve reportedly "committed suicide" by falling into a fountain. It was later found that the robot had skidded on a loose brick surface, causing the fall.