Find in yourself those human things which are universal : Mohammad Hossein Ashrafi

Mohammad Hossein

An actor is a performer who plays a character for a production and uses acting to communicate with an audience. An actor uses acting methods and techniques to immerse himself completely into the role to make his performance more realistic and believable. But is it really as easy as it seems? No, it is not as easy as we think.

To act, people have to stand in line for interviews, people work hard for years and only a few achieve this position, there is one such name that has emerged from these lines and has become the superstar of Iran today.

We are talking about Mohammad Hossein Ashrafi who has achieved such a great position after a lot of hard work and he has a fan following not only in Iran but all over the world, Mohammad Hossein was born on 2 sep 1999 in the city of Iran. Mohammad Hossein was fond of acting since childhood and since childhood he was determined to fulfill his dream.

Mohammad Hossein believes that if you have the ability to do any work, then God is also with you, and if you do your work with a true heart, one day you'll get that thing, but always remember to never give up, no matter how many difficulties come in the way.

Mohammad Hossein says that he is working on his new project and very soon he'll give another good performance to his fans.

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