Fight My Way leads are 'very close' in real life, reveals chief producer of drama

Behind-the-scenes video shows how protective Park Seo-joon is to Kim Ji-won.

Fight My Way
Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon in a still from KBS drama 'Fight My Way.'

Viewers have already noticed the cute chemistry between actors Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won in the four episodes aired of the KBS drama 'Fight My Way.' Now, the chief producer of the show has revealed that the actors are truly very close to each other in real-life.

As noted by website Soompi, Lee Gun-joon, the chief producer of the KBS drama said, "Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won are actually very close in real life, too. They are taking care of each other and cheering each other on. They are both committed to their characters. They have good chemistry in real life, and they're having a lot of fun while filming."

In fact, a new behind-the-scenes video uploaded on the Youtube page of KINGKONG by STARSHIP shows exactly that. Kim Ji-won's character Choi Ae-ra, a departmental store employee, has lost something dear to her and is seated on a park bench besides her best friend Go Dong-man, played by 'Hwarang' actor Park Seo-joon.

Choi Ae-ra is upset but tries to hide it. Of Course her best friend Dong-man realises something's wrong and asks her to tell him what has happened. She cries over her unfortunate circumstances while Dong-man lovingly shields her with his jacket and gently pulls her head to his able shoulders, to comfort her.

We see the two actors film many takes of the same scene but their on-screen chemistry remains as genuine in each of the takes. This also goes on to show how comfortable Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won are with each other off-screen.

The chief producer also said that the other couple, Ahn Jae-hong and Song Ha-yoon also have a good on-screen rapport. "Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yoon also have great chemistry. In the drama, they are a couple who have been together for six years. Since they tell a story of a couple with the challenge of having dated for a long time, I think that side of the story will be fun too. The actors are doing very well," he said.

Lee Gun-joon added, "I am very satisfied with the casting. I'm proud of them and I'm grateful to them."

The next episode of 'Fight My Way' will air on June 5 at 22:00 KST on KBS2 network.

This article was first published on June 1, 2017