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New KBS drama, "Fight For My Way" will reportedly feature "Hwarang" actor Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. This marks as a comeback of Kim Ji Won after Descendants of the Sun after which she kept a low-profile.

In the drama, Kim Ji Won plays the role of a loveable yet a tough woman. According to Korea Portal, in a recent interview, the actress revealed that she accepted the project. The tagline of the synopsis, "Fight For My Way" helped her finalise her decision and accepted the offer to play the lead role of the KBS series.

Soompi mentioned that the said tagline read, "No matter what others say, we will walk the path that we have laid for ourselves."

The plot of the upcoming drama revolves around various challenges that individuals face in their lives and try to achieve their dreams. The actress found "Fight For My Way" inspiring as it highlights the importance of "living for oneself."

Kim Ji Won will play the role of a young woman named Ae Ra who is aspiring to become a news anchor but ends up working in a department store as an information desk attendant.

Described as a courageous and loveable woman, they said "Fight For My Way" character is filled with determination but has a tendency to express her emotions without any qualms.

The "Hwarang" actor plays the role Ae Ra's romantic interest who is a former Taekwondo player Dong Man who later became a mixed martial arts fighter.

Apart from Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon, Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yoon too is part of the upcoming drama. It is expected that all the four individuals will grow to be close friends eventually.