Female White House Staffer Being Used as Cover-Up For Biden's Fall Down the Stairs of Air Force One? Speculations After Video Goes Viral

A viral video showing an unidentified person tumbling down the stairs of Air Force One has generated speculations about U.S. President Joe Biden suffering another fall. The silence on the part of the authorities in revealing the identity of the person involved in the accident has done little to douse the speculations.

JOe Biden

Biden Visited Poland After Unplanned Visit to Ukraine

Biden, who travelled to Warsaw after making a secret visit to Kyiv, pledged more than $500 million in additional military aid to the war-torn country and new sanctions against Russia.

"I will announce another delivery of critical equipment, including artillery ammunition, anti-armor systems, and air surveillance radars to help protect the Ukrainian people from aerial bombardments," Biden said in a statement following the surprise pit stop.

The viral video captured after the plane landed at Poland's Warsaw Chopin Airport on Monday shows a person tumbling down the steps of the plane and landing on the tarmac. The person is then quickly tended to those around.

It brought back the memories of Biden's embarrassing fall while climbing the stairs of Air Force One in March 2021.

Social Media Reacts

Speaking to Newsweek a White House spokesperson said that it was not Biden who tumbled down while disembarking from the plane in Poland. It was reported that it was a female White House staffer, part of Biden entourage, who fell down the stairs. Her fall was cushioned by the backpack she was wearing while alighting from the plane.

Even though a clip shared by ABC News on YouTube shows Biden walking down the steps of the plane without falling, it did not stop from several speculating Biden's fall.

"Did Joe Biden fall down the stairs of Air Force One AGAIN when landing for his Ukraine visit?! Who is this?" wrote Benny Johnson while sharing the video, which has clocked over 7 million views.

A few also wondered if the female staffer was being used to cover up for Biden's fall. "Now they are saying female White House staffer. Would be hilarious if it was the PressSec," tweeted a user.

"Daily Mail says it was a female staffer that fell from Air Force One - but no identity or source provided. Is it a cover-up for another Biden fall?" wrote another user.