Female Uber Driver Wants Dunkin Donuts to Apologize After Employee Refuses Service [Viral Video]

A North Hollywood woman claimed that Dunkin Donuts kicked her out of their store for being deaf. The woman narrated her ordeal in an Instagram post that has gone viral on the internet. According to the video that starts with, "As you guys can probably tell, I am emotional," the woman, identified as Shannon Heroux is seen crying and narrating her ordeal.

Heroux says she wanted to order a peach passion fruit tea, however, the store refused service, as she could not hear what the manager was saying. Heroux said despite informing the Dunkin Donuts manager about her disability, he asked her to leave.

In the viral video, Heroux revealed that the moment she walked into the store, she told the female employee that she is deaf. She said she needed to read her lips to understand what she conveyed. "When I first walked in, I let the female employee know that I was deaf. I mentioned numerous times that I'm deaf and the manager didn't believe me. He kept showing me the door," Heroux narrates as tears roll down her cheeks in the emotional Instagram video.

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She further said that the manager refused to write down what he wanted to say despite requesting him several times during the interaction. Heroux posted the video on September 10, minutes after the incident took place. The video has already garnered over 100,830 views on Instagram and a million views on TikTok.

Woman Wants an Apology From Dunkin Donuts For Refusing Service

Heroux happens to be a Uber driver operating in North Hollywood. She also revealed that she was in a hurry to get the foodstuff from the store as she had to take a ride. She said "My message to Dunkin Donuts. I want an apology. What that manager did was wrong. Not even a female employee was willing to help me. I just want an apology," Heroux said, adding that it was not the first time she faced such discrimination.

Heroux said she has been dealing with such cases at groceries and other stores ever since the pandemic started. The COVID-19 pandemic has been harsh on differently-abled people and Heroux is just one among them.