Female designer copies 4,500 staff members in her resignation email and slams her male bosses for 'bust chatting with pretty girls'

Catherine Stewart
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Catherine Stewart, who worked at the Wren Kitchens, got frustrated after her manager called her privately to his cabin and criticised her sales figures highlighting her under-performance at the job. Her boss allegedly flagged her for having made only eight sales this year and asked: ''What will you do to fix this going forward? This is not good enough and needs your attention to improve immediately.''

An enraged Stewart shot back at her boss asking the company to pay its employees on time and appreciate them for the work they've been doing for the company. She said: ''Thanks for your concern regarding my performance. However I do believe you have bigger things to worry about like people not getting paid or even thanked properly for the work they put in.''

Disappointed at being taken to task by her manager, Stewart wrote a resignation mail and copied it to all the 4,500 staff members slamming her male bosses for alleged their sexist, narcissistic and ungrateful behavior.

Catherine Stewart Resignation Email At Wren Kitchens
The Daily Mail

In the explosive email, she wrote: ''Good afternoon, thanks for your concern regarding my performance. To answer your question as to why I am ''under performing'' I no longer believe this company is worth putting time and effort into while it is being managed by a bunch of ungrateful, narcissistic men that don't know how to run a bath never mind a region or a store.''

She also accused the male bosses in the email of ''bust chatting'' female employees and commenting on their appearances. ''If you weren't so bust chatting up the pretty girls while visiting or commenting on our appearances you would maybe have a better understanding of what was going on. Kindest regards, Catherine Stewart, the designer with the best a** in the showroom but the body of a child.''

Stewart gives vent to her frustration

The last line was a dig at the managers for allegedly catcalling her previously. Stewart opened up to The Daily Mail and gave vent to her frustration at the way things were going at work. ''Since returning from the Christmas holidays I have been extremely unhappy with the morale of the showroom. I am definitely not the only one.' Referring to one boss in particular. You can't put flowers in an a**hole and call it a vase''.

Although after being heavily critical of her bosses, Stewart praised the founder of Wren Kitchens, Malcolm Healey, for making the firm ''a good place to work'' but added that ''it is just a shame not everyone in the company shares this with him''.