Fear Factor host Joe Rogan gets tested twice for Coronavirus amid shortage of tests in the country

New York has already sounded the alarm on the possible shortage if the test kits and the disparity of the tests in the country

An American podcast host and comedian has been flaunting that he obtained the coronavirus tests two times. He got coveted tests which he used to get himself tested two times while several across the US are struggling to get a proper test done. Several countries have already proven that wide testing is needed to combat the coronavirus.

In an episode on Wednesday, Joe Rogan said that he got tested on Tuesday, April 14, which came out negative. He said he was previously tested for the coronavirus two days before his second test. On his show the 'The Joe Rogan Experience', he also admitted that he has plans to get himself tested every three to four days.

The show had comedian Chris D'Elia joining Joe Rogan on Wednesday, April 15. According to reports, Rogan is paying Abe Malkin the Los Angeles concierge doctor to test his guests. D'Elia and Bryan Callen who came on his show were also tested for the coronavirus.

D'Elia tested negative while on the show

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan YouTube/ PowerfulJRE

While on the show Rogan said that D'Elia had tested positive for the coronavirus. D'Elia responded by saying that he got the test and the reason how he got the test. "You know why I got the test? Because I know Joe Rogan. Because I came here and he had a doctor," said D'Elia.

Authorities have been pointing out the disparity between the wealthy and the poor's ability to obtain tests in the country. New York is running out of the test kits and has been sounding the alarm on the shortage since weeks. There has been an outrage on the social media over the UFC commentator and "Fear Factor" host's ability to obtain the test as people are struggling to obtain it around the world.

Several comments about the people hoarding these tests during tumultuous times. Several also joked about how they had to be on the show to be tested for the coronavirus. They also said that they do not want to talk to him but want to get tested for the coronavirus. People can be asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus which can lead to the spreading of the COVID-19 without anyone knowing.

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