Faulty alarm triggered Russian invasion fear in Norwegian border town

The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island
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A faulty warning alarm issued by the civil defense force in the Norwegian town of Vadso panicked residents in the area, as most of them feared that Russia is invading the country. As the wailing siren was blown on Wednesday midnight, thousands of people called the local police to enquire what was happening.

The local police officials later revealed that nothing is there to worry, and made it clear that Russian forces are not flooding across the border to Norway. However, they are not clear about the triggering factor which caused the alarm to go off.

"Some believe, of course, the worst, like war," said Jan-Olav Schjolberg, a police official, Mirror UK reports.

The Norwegian town of Vadso is equipped with multiple Civil Defense sirens. Latest updates revealed that the one that sounded on Wednesday night was the one at an old fire station in the town.

The siren sounded for more than 15 minutes until the owner of the dire station reached the spot and switched it off.

According to public broadcaster NRK, police officials have reached out to the Civil Defense to know what had gone wrong with the alarm system, who are still clueless on why the alarm went off.

Jan-Olav Schjolberg revealed that officials of Civil Defense are currently investigating the incident to identify the exact reason behind the blow of faulty alarm.

Russia is just a few miles away from Vadso, and in broad daylight, people in this Norwegian town can easily see their neighbor's landscape at a distance.

Norway and Russia had some territorial disputes over the Barents Sea. However, on April 27, 2010, both the countries officially ended the debate over the Barents Sea. In 2017, a Kremlin maritime threat assessment, sent to Russian president Vladimir Putin, alleged Norway as a potential cause of naval conflict.

Even though the diplomatic relationship between Norway and Russia are normal, both of them have deployed military troops near the border.