FACT CHECK: Tennessee, Missouri Banning Plan B, Other Contraceptive Pills?

A fresh claim has emerged on social media stating that Tennessee and Missouri are planning to ban Plan B and other emergency contraceptive pills. The claim emerged in an online post which suggested that Tennessee has banned Plan B and made its usage a punishable offense.

FB Post Claimed That Tennessee Banned Plan B

The post first appeared in a Facebook post on May 8, which resembled a screenshot of a tweet that read, "Tennessee just banned Plan B and made it a crime punishable by a $50,000 fine to order it."

Birth Control Pills
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Recently, Tennessee Governor passed an order on May 5. House Bill 2416 included new provisions regarding the prescription and providing of abortion-inducing drugs to patients, and criminalizes the actions of health professionals who fail to comply with those provisions.

Fake claims
A Facebook post shows fake claims made in a screenshot that resembles as tweet Screengrab

Tennessee Didn't Make Any Decision Against Contraceptive Pills

If health professionals are convicted they could be fined up to $50,000 and face imprisonment for up to 20 years. But the bill didn't mention contraceptive pills.

Similarly, another post appeared on Facebook on May 9 claiming that Missouri is to ban plan B. The post reads, "Missouri is trying to ban IUDs and Plan B."

Social Media Post Spreads False Information

But Missouri organizations related to abortion rights have debunked the claim stating that if Roe v. Wade decision is overturned, Missouri's abortion "trigger law" would go into effect, which would block abortion cases in the state, according to Lead Stories.

This does not include the usage of contraceptive pills and IUDs.

Emergency contraceptive pills such as Plan B aren't the same as abortion-inducing pills. Plan B type pills are used to prevent pregnancy while abortion-inducing pills are used to terminate the pregnancy.

The claim that Tennessee and Missouri are banning Plan B, and other contraceptive pills is completely false as the states have not taken any decision against the usage of contraceptive pills.