FACT CHECK: Does This Video Prove Covid-19 Is a Bio-Weapon and DARPA Funded the Virus as Part of Gain-Of-Function Project?

The video makes further claims that the "Covid-19 was a bio warfare act of domestic terrorism meted out on the citizens in the United States and the people of the world.

A strange videotape is being circulated over the past few days that claims that a speaker at an anti-vaccine conference proved that Covid-19 is a bio weapon created by the government to kill people and put the world under a globalist cabal. According to the claim the speaker David Martin proved at the pandemic was caused by a super virus that was developed in North Carolina's immunology laboratories.

To put it in simple words, there is no such evidence and the claim is completely baseless and false. Also, Martin didn't prove that the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had anything to do with "gain-of-function" research to make viruses more lethal.

Misleading Claim

Dave Martin Fake Video
Dave Martin Video on Rumble.com Rumble.com

The misleading claim first appeared on December 11, which was collection of false statements and baseless logics. The online video was posted to rumble.com and carried the title: "Dr. David Martin | Exposing the Coup D'Etat & the Plot to Steal America."

The video then opened with a caption: It's Epic!!! Eric Trump, Lance Walnau, Dr. David Martin, Comedian Jim Breuer, Dr. Zelenko Join the ReAwaken America Tour!!! BREAKING!!! The ReAwaken America Tour is coming to SAN DEIGO! March 11th and...

It then asks users to click on the link to read the full story on rumble.com. (Read the article here)

The video then makes further claims that the "Covid-19 was a bio warfare act of domestic terrorism meted out on the citizens in the United States and the people of the world. And it was not a lab leak from China. It was not a lab leak from anywhere. It was an intentional weaponization of the spike protein and it's murder and we will call it what it is."

Users immediately fell prey and after just watching the photo and the caption on the online video started believing in the weird claim.

The video goes on to make a number of claims, which are all baseless as most of them are a mash up of recycled claims which have been debunked earlier. However, this time most people started believing in the claims as they were supported with Martin's photograph and had a video that looks quite authentic.

The Evidence of Truth

Dave Martin Video
The rumble page where the video was posted Rumble.com

This is not the first time such a claim has been made. Martin's name has been often used to make such false claims earlier too as he is known for using his own logic to give birth to conspiracy theories.

Martin's claims mostly rely on false claims about the contents and meaning of US patent documents and repeats disproved claims from the film "Plandemic" in which he stars. The film is nothing but complete fiction based on unproven claims about a plot to take over the world with a virus.

This video is also based on similar claims made in the film "Pandemic". Martin often speaks at length about medical matters and claims to be a doctor but in reality he is not even a medical doctor. He is an exercise physiologist, with a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia Department of Education.

In the past, Martin has presented himself as an expert on patent fraud, a self-actualization entrepreneur and a hedge fund manager but he is none of these.

The video this time once again tries to give credit to Martin's claims but there is no evidence to the claim that Covid-19 is a biological weapon developed by the US government to kill its own people. The video also claims that Covid-19 was created as a weapon in a lab, which led to the pandemic. The claims in the video have been made by Martin earlier too.

The claim is based on the distortion and exploitation of US patents. For example, one of the documents he has in the past offered as "proof" is a 2015 report in a science journal. However, interestingly, that article makes the opposite point in an author's update, stating scientists have not proven a theory of lab origin of Covid.

Martin's claims and theories have also been debunked by Pentagon's DARPA. In September 2020, DARPA's Chief of Communications Jared B. Adams said in an email to Lead Stories that DARPA has never worked with Ralph Baric, the University of North Carolina virologist Martin (and his film-maker Ben Swann) and claim is the key player in a Covid-19 conspiracy.

"Like all conspiracy theorists, Swann and Martin build on elements of truth and then add false and/or misleading claims...DARPA's research concerning zoonosis or the animal origins of viral pathogens began in 2018, not earlier in 2005 nor in 1999-2001..."

This further proves that Martin's claims are false.

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