FACT CHECK: Did Egypt's First Female Ship Captain Marwa Elselehdar Block Suez Canal?

Social media can build up or ruin one's reputation and that's something out of people's control these days. Shortly after the blockade of the Suez Canal, an Egyptian female ship captain, Marwa Elselehdar, went viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons. Marwa Elselehdar, known to be Egypt's first female ship captain, was blamed for blocking the Suez Canal, one of the world's most strategic shipping routes.

The 29-year-old became a victim of a fake news campaign and was blamed for the whole incident of the Suez Canal blockade by container ship Ever Given. However, reports say that Marwa Elselehdar was hundreds of miles away on duty in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria when the incident took place.

Marwa Elselehdar's Side of The Story on Suez Canal Blockade

"I was shocked," said Elselehdar who further added, "I felt that I might be targeted maybe because I'm a successful female in this field or because I'm Egyptian, but I'm not sure," according to BBC reports. Social media went abuzz after screenshots of a fake news headline along with a doctored image from a news website surfaced online on March 22, which profiles Elselehdar.

Who is Marwa Elselehdar
Marwa Elselehdar blamed for Suez Canal blockade Instagram

Elselehdar also said that as the fake news article was in English, it went viral easily in other countries. "I tried so hard to negate what was in the article because it was affecting my reputation and all the efforts I exerted to be where I am now," the female ship captain said.

How did the Suez Canal Blockade Happen?

More than 400 vessels were stuck between either end of the Suez canal when the 400m-long Ever Given became wedged across the canal on March 23. Egypt's Suez Canal Authority said that the shipping traffic jam has been cleared now.

What is 'Ever Given'?

Ever Given runs supply missions to a lighthouse in the Red Sea. The vessel is used for training cadets from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), which is a regional university run by the Arab League.

Where is the Ever Given ship now?

The Ever Given and its cargo are midway along the Suez canal at present. It is currently in the Great Bitter Lake. The vessels waiting at the canal were bulk carriers used for transportation of unpackaged cargo such as grains, coal, iron ore and container ships, according to reports.

While social media claims can't be taken seriously, Egypt's first female ship captain Marwa Elselehdar's claims she's innocent. But who is to be blamed for it if not Elselehdar remains an irony.

Who is Egypt's First Female Ship Captain?

Marwa Elselehdar is Egypt's first female ship captain, who recently grabbed the spotlight for the Suez Canal blockade. The 29-year-old was blamed for the incident after a social media post went viral.

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