FACT CHECK: Interpol Probes Bill Gates Over 'Plandemic'; Moderna CEO Stéphane Bance Leaves Vaccine Maker

Reports have emerged online claiming that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is being investigated by Interpol for the 'plandemic'. Another dubious report is that the CEO of Moderna "just walked away from the company." An article by Vancouver Times claims that the billionaire is under investigation over 'plandemic.'

The article titled, "INTERPOL: Bill Gates under investigation for 'plandemic," was published on July 26. Citing several sources in Interpol, the article made unverified claims in the first paragraph of the report.

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Article By Vancouver Times Claims "Bill Gates in Under Investigation"

"Bill Gates, billionaire founder of Microsoft, is under investigation for conspiracy to commit murder and crimes against humanity, according to several sources at Interpol. Gates may be sentenced to hanging if he is charged and convicted. Gates is being investigated by Interpol by conspiring with Klaus Schwab to murder a large part of the world's population with deadly, untested vaccines," said the article by Vancouver Times, which claims that its reports offer "no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness" and produces satirical stories, not news.

False information
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The first paragraph in the article also has a hyperlink to an Interpol investigation, which is completely different than what Vancouver Times' article claims.

Vancouver Times Made False Claims Against Bill Gates

The hyperlinked Interpol investigation is related to unauthorized erectile dysfunction medicines. "Counterfeit or unauthorized erectile dysfunction medicines comprised roughly 40 per cent of all products seized. Law enforcement in Australia, Argentina, Malaysia and the United States also seized more than 317,000 unauthorized COVID-19 test kits," said a press release by Interpol.

False information
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The investigation by Interpol is neither related to COVID nor to Bill Gates; therefore the article by Vancouver Times is found to be making false and misleading comments.

Did Moderna CEO Leave The Company?

Claims have also been made that Moderna's CEO has left the company. A post on Instagram stated that Stephane Bance left the company with a $926 million golden parachute.

False information
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The Instagram post on July 18 included screenshots of tweets, stating that "The federal government gave Moderna $2.5 billion to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, Moderna's CEO just walked away from the company with a $926 million golden parachute."

But there had been no credible reports that suggest that Bance has resigned. Also, at the time of writing this story, Bancel is still named as the CEO of Moderna on the company's official website. Therefore, the claims made in the Instagram post that "Bancel has left Moderna" is completely false. Bancel is still the CEO of Moderna, according to Lead Stories.