Fact Check: Alexander Dugin's Daughter Darya Dugina Was Killed By Ukrainian National Samoylo Haidyuk

Claims are emerging on the internet that Alexander Dugin's daughter was killed by a person named Samoylo Haidyuk.

It was Haidyuk's plan to kill Darya Dugina in a bomb blast near Moscow, according to a person named Sramzan Kafirov.

Samoylo Haidyuk's picture, posted by Sramzan Kafirov.
Samoylo Haidyuk's picture, posted by Sramzan Kafirov. Twitter

Kafirov Suggested That Haidyuk Was Involved In Dugina's Death

In a tweet, Kafirov stated that "law enforcement in Russia issued an arrest warrant for SAMOYLO HAIDYUK, a Ukrainian national residing in Russia and believed to be Darya Dugina's assassin.

The user also posted a picture of the man posing with a rifle. "Here is the suspect at an Azov training camp circa 2017," wrote Kafirov.

Haidyuk is a Comedian

Haidyuk, who is a comedian, is usually blamed by trolls for any mass shooting.

Hyde is not the perpetrator of a mass shooting. But whenever a shooter strikes and the news reports casualties, trolls race to name Hyde as the culprit. In the worst cases, authorities have been tricked into giving Hyde's name to the press, according to Lead Stories.

Kafirov Made False Claims In His Tweet

Hyde, who founded the sketch comedy group Million Dollar Extreme, is an internet comedian.

He rose to viral video fame after staging a satirical TEDx talk about wonders of the future at Drexel University in October 2013.

Trolls have named Hyde as a prime suspect in multiple killings in the past. Although Hyde has not been part of any killing.

The post made by Kafirov is completely false as Russian officials have identified someone else as the perpetrator behind the incident. They have also not detained Hyde for Dugina's death.

Russia Identifies Natalia Vovk As Main Perpetrator In Dugina's Death

Russia's FSB has solved Dugina's death case and identified a Ukrainian woman as a perpetrator behind the car blast. FSB claimed that the attack was planned by Ukraine's secret service and executed by Natalia Vovk, a Ukrainian woman who fled to Estonia after the blast.

As a result of urgent detective measures, the federal security service has solved the murder of Russian journalist Darya Dugina, born in 1992," the FSB stressed. The special service found that "the crime was prepared and committed by Ukrainian secret services." Its perpetrator was identified as a citizen of Ukraine, Natalia Vovk, born in 1979, according to TASS.

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