Facebook makes Deleting Apps easier but of no use now

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Amid data breach controversy, Facebook has embarked upon a series of features and today's addition enables the user to delete unwanted App immediately without hassle one might have encountered in the past.

Facebook said in its blog "Protecting Your Information" that it understood the importance of keeping the users' data safe and has made it easier to control which Apps you share information with. It has advised the users to go the Apps and Websites Section under the Settings any time to see the Apps and Websites used so far via Facebook to login.


To delete any App, now the user can just select the App and just DELETE. The page shows three categories -- Active, Expired and Removed. The page shows the Apps which the user visited via Facebook and it clearly says that the websites can request for info about the user directly.

The page offers users two options -- View and update the info these Apps and websites can request and secondly, the option to remove the Apps not required or useful for the user.


The page shows the Apps and one can select as many as possible and press the REMOVE button. Suppose, the user sees App1 (example) game in apps section and wants to remove it, the following message appears:

"If you remove App1, it may delete your App1 account and activity. App1 may still have access to info you previously shared but can't make additional requests for additional info."

Below that in another window, it says, "Also delete all posts, photos and videos on Facebook that App1 may have published on your behalf." If you choose to delete in this section, then a message appears saying, "We are working on it."

Once the page is refreshed, the following message appears:

"App1 Removed -- App1 can no longer request info about you on Facebook but may still have info you previously shared with them. For details about removing this info, contact them or visit App1's privacy policy." The privacy policy of App1 is hyperlinked to the official website.

Finally, you have to choose, DONE button, which will take you back to the Active Apps page.