Experts upset over Trump's claims of coronavirus disappearing soon

Experts believe that the Trump assurance is a facade as he is trying to remain calm for the public

The White House has decided to name a coronavirus coordinator to lead the response to the health crisis in the United States. Ambassador Debbie Birx will report to Vice President Mike Pence with the ongoing issues over the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar from the coronavirus task force will be joining Birx in responding to the health crisis. The new development in efforts to combat the coronavirus comes after the US President Donald Trump said that the coronavirus will go away soon.

Later, Trump defended his words saying that the media has tweaked what he said to portray it in bad light. As the markets plunging, the virus spreading faster than expected and fears gripping many, several world leaders are silent owing to the fears people have over the coronavirus outbreak.

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Assurance that the disease isn't a threat

Despite warnings from the Democrats about the White House being too complacent over the coronavirus, the US President said last week that the coronavirus will go away. Trump also believes that the disease is not going to affect the global economy in any way.

But, several believe that the sunny disposition is just for the public. On the inside, he is frustrated at how the administration has been handling the outbreak. There is a greater challenge to the outbreak when compared to the previous predictions.

The Trump staff has also slowly started to realize the true state of matters. As his trip to India progressed to the end the President was less calm about the situation in Washington. The strong economy that Trump wanted to show off during his reelection is slowly collapsing in front of him.

Trump has continued to say that China is working on keeping the disease at bay and has placed a strong lid on the spreading of the coronavirus. A vaccine to the coronavirus is at least 18 months away, according to researchers.

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