EXO's Chanyeol enlists a guide to survive earthquake

Korea was hit by 5.8-magnitude earthquake on Monday night

EXO's Chanyeol is concerned about citizen's safety after the biggest earthquake hit Korea on Monday evening. The singer wishes for everyone's well being and has released a list full of pointers to survive dreadful tremors.

After few hours of the quake, the 23-year-old updated his Instagram account and listed some prominent points to get pass through from the effects of the shocks and aftershocks. He wrote: "I hope no one was hurt..you can never be sure so please keep these pointers in mind, everyone. The longest time an earthquake can go on is one to two minutes so you must take cover under a table or other similar place, and when there are no tables nearby, you must protect your head with a cushion. Open all doors to find an exit and shut off all gas and electricity services."

He further added, " When the disaster occurs, you must calmly extinguish any fires. The three optimal times to distinguish fires early are immediately before the earthquake, immediately after the earthquake, and when the size of the fire has greatly diminished following the combustion. During the earthquake, glass and debris can fall, making it very dangerous, so you must not run outside."

The boy band member also gave in some useful information for those who might get trapped in the elevator when the disaster hits: "When an earthquake or fire occurs, you should not ride the elevator, and when you're on one, you must press all the buttons, quickly get off, and find cover. If you find yourself trapped, then request aid via the intercom. Once the massive vibrations halt, flee to an empty lot or park. Further, do not stand close to freestanding brick walls or vending machines because there is a chance that they may collapse," he said.