Exhausted from too much intercourse, Ghanaian women demand end of Coronavirus lockdown [VIDEO]

The African country Ghana imposed lockdown in the first week of April; 566 positive cases and 8 deaths

Perturbed over the never-ending demand for sex from their partners during the lockdown, women in Ghana are requesting their president Nana Addo to either end the lockdown or allow men to go out for work.

Ghana has so far reported 566 positive cases and eight deaths due to global pandemic coronavirus. To curb the spread of virus, Ghana entered the down in the first week of April.

Ghanaian woman rants her anger in the viral video

Ghanaian woman
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In an undated video which has now become viral on social media sites including Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, an unnamed woman has expressed her helpless to meet her husband's sexual demands during the lockdown.

The story was first published on April 11 by Ghana MMA, a website dealing with news from Ghana. The publication reported that the woman, speaking in the local language, said she represented all the Ghanaian women suffering a similar fate.

Expressive Info said that according to the woman in the video, her husband is killing her with too much sex. She complained that after satisfying him sexually, she still has to go and cook for him.

The woman had to run away from her house to reach her workplace and record her plight on a video. In the video, shelves lined with assorted products are visible. The Ghanaian woman said that even though she had defied the lockdown, she was sure that the security officers would understand her dilemma.

"You wake up to see an erect dick waiting for you, after cooking and the man eats and watch TV for some time only to be asked for sex again and again. We did not enter lockdown because of Dick but because of our health," Expressive Info quoted the woman.

Saying that "Our men are fucking us too much," the woman in the video pleaded the President to allow their men to venture of the homes for work, or end the lockdown so that the women can move out of their homes unrestricted.

Netizens react to the woman's dilemma

The video which soon went viral on Twitter had some amazing responses from the Twitterati. "So those women want to be quarantined or," wrote one user. "And in Malaysia the men can't keep up. Keep seeing comments from young blokes that their girlfriends are wearing them out," wrote a user on Facebook. "I dont want to laugh at this because it sounds like rapey combined with domestic abuse," mentioned another.

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