Exclusive: When Will CumRocket Reach $1? CEO of Cummies Talks About Future of Cryptocurrency

CumRocket trading as CUMMIES in the cryptocurrency market hit the spotlight after Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out a cryptic tweet of emojis featuring 'cum and rocket' along with an emoji of the moon and the coin increased nearly 400% after the tweet was out and rose from $0.06 to $0.28 in just 24 hours.

The coin became the talk of the town and investors pumped in their money hoping to ride Musk's bandwagon as he's singlehandedly capable of rising crypto coins to new levels with his tweets and investments.

CumRocket CUMMIES Cryptocurrency CEO Lydia Lane

The International Business Times spoke exclusively with the CEO of CumRocket, Lydia Lane, and asked her the million dollar question which is on every investors mind as to when would CUMMIES touch the $1 mark and how long would it take to reach the milestone.

When Will CumRocket Reach $1?

Lydia revealed she can't really predict when would CumRocket reach the $1 milestone as there are too many metrics and factors involved to get there. Lydia said the crypto market is volatile and so is the financial situation around the world and it's hard to pinpoint a projection.

''Market conditions are very volatile between the global financial situation, and the current crypto market. We can't predict how this might affect our price,'' she said.

However, Lydia stated that CUMMIES remained stable despite every other cryptocurrencies dropping to extreme levels since a month and cited that it's a healthy indicator that the coin is reliable.

CumRocket CUMMIES Cryptocurrency

''While other segments of the digital asset space have been experiencing significant fear, uncertainty, and doubt, we've continued to both remain healthy, and receive the spotlight attention of Elon Musk and survived to talk about it.''

The CEO summed it up by saying, ''What we can say is that while the rest of the market, especially altcoins, have been dropping or extremely volatile, we've both been very stable sideways as well as healthily appreciated by most indicators.''

What Is CumRocket?

CumRocket crypto is an adult-entertainment themed crypto that would be used for tipping, messaging, viewing custom content, private content and sexting currency which includes the new NSFW NFT marketplace.

CumRocket is similar to the adult subscription website OnlyFans and CUMMIES holders can pay performers with their crypto holdings.

The coin has roped in several adult models to be featured on their website and their website also claims they use their profits to help fight against child abuse and human trafficking that is plaguing the world.

At the time of publishing CumRocket (CUMMIES) was trading at $ 0.0415 and is down -2.48% in the days trading.