Ex-Mississippi Cop Fatally Shoots Black Teen Dating His Daughter Because He Disapproved of the Relationship

Cornelius McGee Jr.
Cornelius McGee Jr. Twitter

A Black teenager was fatally shot in the back as he fled his girlfriend's home in Clarksdale, Mississippi, last Monday night.

Cornelius McGee Jr., 15, attempted to run from the house when the girl's father returned home.The shooter has been identified as a former police officer in the area but his name has not yet been disclosed.

Officer Disapproved of the Relationship

The ex-officer had previously warned McGee to stay away from his home. The enraged man reportedly disapproved of the teenagers' relationship.

The shooting was initially reported as a burglary. The Clarksdale Police Department confirmed that the man who fired the shot is a former law enforcement member but did not provide additional details.

When officers arrived, they found the homeowner at the scene, along with the teenager dead on arrival. Officers called the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to take over the investigation since the case involves a former CPD officer, Chief of Police Robbie Linley told USA TODAY.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday afternoon that it is "actively gathering information" on the shooting. "At this time, it is not considered to be an officer-involved shooting," wrote the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

''Justice for my Baby'

McGee's mother Jacqueline Rash confirmed her son was dating the former officer's daughter, which upset the man.

When he found the teenager at his house, the teen tried to run away, the boy's mother told Memphis television station WHBQ. While the teenager was climbing a fence, the man fired a gun, hitting the teenager.

Rash shared a post in support of her son Tuesday, saying he was loved.

The poster encouraged people to focus on the goodness of him, including him being a "wonderful" big brother.

"The best son, good uncle, great athlete," one person wrote. "That's all we want to see ... JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED."

When his mother shared the post, she added a caption of her own.

"Justice for my baby," she wrote.