Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Convicted For Treason and Hanged at Guantanamo Bay; Here is the Truth

A viral claim suggesting that former CIA Director John Brennan has been hanged at Guantanamo Bay is found to be a hoax. The hoax also claimed that Brennan was executed after a military tribunal convicted him of murder and treason.

Brennan had openly supported the programs of torture (other than waterboarding) and rendition during the Bush era. Controversy had erupted after reports emerged about former president Barack Obama likely to appoint Brennan as CIA Director.

Following the backlash Brennan had withdrawn his name blaming, "strong criticism in some quarters prompted by [his] previous service with the CIA."

Former CIA Director John Brennan
Former CIA Director John Brennan Twitter

Brennan Abused Trump During Imprisonment?

Brennan served as the Director of Central Intelligence Agency from March 2013 till January 2017. The news surrounding Brennan's execution started after Real Raw News published an article claiming the same.

Headlined "John Brennan Hanged at GITMO," the article claimed that during his imprisonment Brennan cursed former US President Donald Trump and called him society's great mistake and a threat to national security. Trump had revoked the security clearance for Brennan soon after taking over the White House.

Claiming that the hanging took place on Monday, June 7, the outlet reported that Brennan shared Hillary Clinton's macabre fate—death by hanging after a military tribunal convicted him of murder and treason.

"Unlike Clinton, who remained steadfastly silent until the very moment the noose was slipped around her neck, a loudmouthed Brennan cussed out the guards who offered him a last meal, which he declined, berated his MP escort to gallows, and rebuked the small assembly of military and civilian personnel who had gathered near the Windward Point Lighthouse to witness his death," read the article.

Social Media Falls Prey to the Hoax

The social media users widely shared the hoax claim made by the website. "Those are body doubles. The real ones are at the GITMO or have already been executed. Check out a website called RealRawNews for all your daily deep state hangings.... John Brennan was just hanged and comey has been sentenced to death as well. Good times we live in," wrote a Twitter user.

"Did u know the former director of the CIA John Brennan was hanged for treason yesterday. I wonder y," wrote another.

Debunking the claim, Lead Stories confirmed that the news of Brennan's hanging was nothing but a hoax.

It isn't the first time that Real Raw News has generated a fake news. It had earlier claimed about the death of Hillary Clinton too.

In a communique to Lead Stories, Defense Department spokesperson said, "This is completely false."

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