Everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphones' security

The new series of Samsung smartphone also comes equipped with a new security solution called TurnKey

Samsung seems to have pulled out all the stops to taste grand success with latest S20 series of flagship phones. Besides featuring the top-notch hardware, display, camera and battery, the Galaxy S20 series of devices are equipped with an S3K250AF security chip along with necessary software optimization to safeguard users' sensitive data in dedicated storage.

The S3K250AF security chipset would enforce more definite security requirement and thus come handy in a wide range of tasks including email checking, online transactions and a lot more. The company has explained it would also strengthen the device security while interacting with a smart device.

S3K250AF-based SE integrates a microcontroller

Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Samsung

Like Google Pixel's Sonata M chipset, the S3K250AF-based SE integrates a microcontroller and capable of offering advanced hardware-level protection and an optimized, secure operating system. The Samsung chipset has CC EAL 5+ certified-hardware certificate. It can help the S20 series of devices to fend off minacious attacks including reverse engineering, power glitches and laser attacks.

The new series of Samsung smartphone also comes equipped with a new security solution called TurnKey. The TurnKey solution is basically a "tamper-resistant strongbox that securely stores users' confidential and cryptographic data such as pin numbers, passwords and even crypto-currency credentials separate from the typical mobile memory such as embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS)."

Titan M chipset offers top-notch security

The Titan M chipset exists in Google's Pixel range of smartphones too offers top-notch security. The chipset was introduced with Pixel 3 series of devices and came preloaded with every Google phone following that. The Titan M chipset stores the last known Android version. It blocks the bad actors to run on any older version of vulnerable Android version. The Sonata M also locks the bootloader and keeps all the private and sensitive keys inside the chipset.

The separate chipset also helps to prevent fake log-in by limiting the maximum number of password attempt. The chipset also has a direct electrical connection to the side buttons of Pixel to avoid any false button presses.

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