EverRise to be the Next Hottest Cryptocurrency Available in the Market? Here's our Analysis

Investors are on the lookout for newer entrants in the crypto market as an early investment could yield them better results and ride the wave of fortunes when the coin gathers momentum and eventually hits mainstream.

An early investment has possibilities of turning the amount tenfold. A recent example of SafeMoon cryptocurrency shows that initial investors who pumped in a mere $1,000 during the coin's launch in March 2021 ended up with a generational wealth of $3.5 million in July.

EverRise Cryptocurrency Coin Token

All this in a span of just four months before the coin began slipping down into the abyss while most of them pulled out at the right time.

Can EverRise Deliver A Similar Growth?

EverRise (RISE) seems to be promising as it has the backing of top crypto enthusiasts who believe the token could be the 'next big thing'.

The developers have pulled the right strings at the right time despite being new to the market and roped in the founder of Gokhshtein Media and CEO of PAC Protocol, David Gokhshtein, to be their branding consultant.

Gokhshtein revealed to The International Business Times that he's bullish on EverRise and his tweet about ''What's the hottest #crypto on the market?'' saw 24% of respondents point towards RISE.

The token is slowly yet steadily building momentum and within a few months could get mainstream attention. If more influencers start promoting the coin, it could reward early investors handsomely.

David Gokhshtein EverRise Coin Crypto Tweet
Twitter / David Gokhshtein

What Makes EverRise Stand Apart From The Rest?

EverRise (RISE), which made its debut on June 22, 2021 on the indices, is catching the attention of investors as the coin is just two-months-old and has the potential to hit it big.

The token works on a new standard of DeFi tokenomics and boasts of an innovative 'buyback' function and burn system in an effort to revolutionize the space.

EverRise Cryptocurrency Coin Token Protocol Tokenomics

The EverRise buyback function which is known as 'The Kraken' acts as a safety net when the whales dump their holdings by funding a 6% strategic buyback fee which is then injected back to the token.

When the 'buyback' function gets to work, it automatically buys back and burns tokens after every sell transaction and the amount is added to the liquidity pool. The activity creates a true burn that guarantees the price per token will increase each time the 'buyback' is activated.

'The Kraken' allows EverRise to maintain a stable price during the downward market trends and fights off manipulations, whale dumps and secures itself for a race towards the long-run.

EverRise, at the time of publishing, was trading at $0.000000040887 and is down -2.6% in the days trade.

This article was first published on August 24, 2021