Eva Green: I was petrified of heights

Green said that she admires people who work in the circus and how they are so dedicated to their craft

Actress Eva Green says she was absolutely terrified of heights. Green, portrayed the role of Colette Marchant -- a confident trapeze artist -- in the 2019 film "Dumbo", which revolved about an unusual flying elephant.

Admires their dedication

While discussing her intense workout and training routine, endured to play the part of the aerialist, Green revealed her phobia of heights.

Eva Green
Eva Green Wikimedia Commons

"I admire the circus people, they are so dedicated to their craft. They train and train, they have got bruises and I mean it's good pain. They are perfectionists and they are so kind and wonderful. They really helped to gain confidence because I was absolutely terrified of heights and they really helped me, they were very patient with me and I surprised myself by being able to do," she said.

Petrified of heights

"Again I was petrified of heights! It required some work and I owe it to those people," she added.

The actress, who performed most her own stunts, was astonished about the intense work out and endurance required to do aerial stunts. "Dumbo" will be aired on Star Movies in India on May 3.