Entrepreneur Milad Hatam Abadi's sense of humour and hard work made him a star

Milad Hatim

Milad Abadi is a popular Instagram star in India. He loves football and has played for various teams at youth and juvenile levels for independence in Tehran. However, due to financial conditions, he had to discontinue football.

Milad has a simple family life and along with his studies and sports, he also worked. It is his work in the currency exchange that made him a millionaire. He had a great deal in the field of currency exchange and stock exchange, and at the age of 18, he opened his own exchange centre at the Ferdowsi mall and made a lot of progress in the short term. Post that, he went to Kish Island and worked for tourism. As he is graduated in computer science, he shared his first video clip from Hatam Abadi in Kish, and then quickly released throughout the Instagram, from Milad Hatam Abadi, with this title M.R Coach.

Due to his Instagram popularity, he became a well-known comedian and did live shows on Instagram. Due to his acts and sense of humour, Milad Hatam has a lot of admirers and fans. Hatam Abadi's start-up and business on the internet also helped him become a young millionaire. As he said all of his good life and progress now is because of his hard work since childhood.

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