Entrepreneur and investor Hamid Jaafri dominates the real estate market in Dubai

 Hamid Jaafri

The Dubai economic "boom" in the eyes of real estate extraordinaire Hamid Jaafri.

Along with the Expo 2021, post-pandemic has driven the real estate market in Dubai to a massive increase. The economic increase is proven to beat all forecasts for 2021, and yet only a few visionaries were able to spot it beforehand. Mr. Hamid Jaafri, who has been in the real estate game for over 8 years, was one of these visionaries who were able to capitalize and contribute to the real estate industry of Dubai.

According to Mr. Jaafri, there are a few important factors that have led to this unpredicted vast demand for residential properties in Dubai. Firstly, how well the UAE has dealt with pandemics by drastically decreasing the amount of COVID cases by their vaccine campaigns and regulations; therefore, Dubai feels like they are past the pandemic and people feel safe to live and invest in the city. Additionally, Expo 2021 is a major global event that has brought the eyes of big investors and corporations to come to the city, and the impressive organization of Dubai gives a glance of what this city is capable of. Dubai has proven to be one of the safest cities worldwide, and this is a high-interest factor to anybody. Lastly, Dubai being a tax-free haven allows residents to capitalize on substantial savings as opposed to Europe and the US.

Being part of a family who for decades have built strong roots in the real estate market worldwide, Hamid Jaafri grew up in an environment in which his mentors have taught him to grab opportunities with both hands when nobody is exploring them. Back in 2020 when the real estate market in Dubai was bleeding, Mr. Jaafri decided to expand his business, ONE Investment, to the Arabian Gulf making his Head Office in Dubai. Hamid was no stranger to Dubai as years before that he had won multiple awards from some of the largest developers in the region, for selling Dubai properties; however, he saw the potential of building a strong team and being on the ground to grab a bigger piece of the pie. "Being the Director of ONE Investment was not easy at first and I felt the pressure on my shoulders to follow the footsteps of my mentors, yet it was an opportunity I could not pass on" said Hamid Jaafri in an interview. A year later, ONE Investments Dubai, managed solely by Mr. Jaafri and his exceptional team, have successfully assisted hundreds of buyers purchasing in Dubai and contributed massively to the "boom" of Dubai. This was a consequence of his principles and how he operates the business, where he values his customers first and emphasizes the personal feeling between the client and ONE Investment brokers.

Moreover, ONE Investment is a leading real estate brokerage firm that has been consistent over the years, and due to Hamid's hard work, they recently signed a competitive advantage over other firms around Dubai. Earlier this year, ONE Investment was granted the first of its kind partnership with the largest developer in GCC, EMAAR, as now they are the master franchise for EMAAR's international sales in the UK AND USA. Nonetheless, they have been awarded year after year as DAMAC leading top international broker, which was a big motivation for setting their roots in Dubai after having recorded over 1.5 billion AED real estate transactions of Dubai properties in London and the USA alone. In addition, ONE Investment have an office in 3 different continents, which include London, New York, and now Dubai, furthermore all have proven to be a success so far, yet in 2021 the Dubai branch has been established to be the leading Head Office in sales under the supervision of Hamid Jaafri.

Getting into real estate at the young age of 17, Mr. Jaafri has proven to be growing an empire that only the future can tell us how far he can go as he beats every barrier and expectation put against him. In his luxurious lifestyle, he has been able to connect multiple buyers to the most appropriate property that they are looking for, and his transparent techniques have been essential for their buyers who over 90% are return customers. Hamid's large client list and his access to over 25,000 units have been the perfect combo to great business, yet Mr. Jaafri believes in the philosophy of always improving and continues to search for new techniques to increase sales and customer satisfaction. According to Mr. Hamid Jaafri, "I am super proud of what our brand is today, we are specialists in assisting overseas buyers. Every year we help hundreds of buyers purchase property in Dubai. Often dealing with local agents in a fast-paced market can be overwhelming so we bridge that gap providing western levels of service and ensure our clients receive the best deal".