Enrique Iglesias Passionately Kisses Fan on Stage and Posts Video Despite Being Married to Anna Kournikova [WATCH]

In fact, the pair kissed multiple times on the lips and pulled each other in close for a passionate kiss before the pop star had to dash off.

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Enrique Iglesias shocked millions of his followers after he posted a video clip of kissing a fan on stage in Las Vegas on Friday night. The incident happened during a meet and greet when he took everyone by surprise when the singer and the young woman passionately started kissing on stage.

The singer was seen planting a kiss on the cheek of the fan before she turned her head to kiss him on the lips, and then the two looked unstoppable as they continued to kiss for about five seconds. Iglesias, 47, is married to former Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova, 41, for more than 20 years.

Wild and Passionate

It seems Iglesias initially thought of just giving a peck on the fan's cheek but the scene turned hot and wild within a fraction of a second. Enrique was initially startled by the situation, but then made the most of the opportunity.

As the fan went on the stage Iglesias held her by the waist and allowed her to take some selfies of the kiss before pulling away and running off as his security awkwardly watched on. In fact, the pair kissed multiple times on the lips and pulled each other in close for a passionate kiss before the pop star had to dash off.

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias seen passionately kissing the fan on stage in Las Vegas Twitter

The singer, who has performed back-to-back concerts in Sin City, later posted the video clip to his 17.1 million Instagram followers, writing: "Friday night in #LASVEGAS @resortworldlv see you tonight!!!!"

For a moment it seemed that Kournikova, his long-term partner, was the last thing from his thoughts as he passionately kissed the fan in front of a large crowd of onlookers during what appeared to be a meet and greet.

Fans Criticize Singer

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias held the fan by the the waist and kissed her as clicked took selfies Twitter

While Iglesias took pride in posting the video of the passionate smooch, the entire thing didn't go down well with most of his fans, who said that Kournikova would possibly not like it. Many questioned why he would kiss someone so passionately when he is well known to have a long-term romance with the mother of his children.

"Wont Your wife be upset?; How does Anna allow this; 'Omg he's married lady," wrote one user.

Enrique Iglesias
The kiss between the two went on for a few seconds as others watched in shock Twitter

"I would be angry if I was his wife it was too much kiss and in the mouth that's very personal," wrote another of his followers.

However, the video has gone viral as Iglesias and the fan look like passionate and kiss-starved lovers who didn't care about the world when they started kissing. But his fans have been slamming him since then.

Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova Twitter

"ANNA Wants To Know Your Location," wrote another user.

"How on earth does Anna endure this"; "I'm confused.... Anna is cool with this?? I wouldn't be"; "Wow so inappropriate of this woman and for you to let her do that . I am sure you wife is not gonna be happy," some of the others users wrote.

Iglesias married Kournikova, a retired tennis player, in 2001. The couple have three children --- Nicholas and Lucy, twins, aged 4, and Mary, aged 2.

Enrique recently revealed his children have seen the music video where he met their mother Kournikova. The former tennis ace and the singer met during the making of the music video for Iglesias' 2001 song Escape.

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias during his performance in Las Vegas Twitter

That said, the couple has reconciled several times after separating on multiple occasions.

Prior to dating Iglesias, Kournikova was in a longtime relationship with Pavel Bure, a professional ice hockey player. However, in the early 2000s, there were numerous rumors about the couple getting married, but none of them ever acknowledged anything.

The couple finally revealed that they had begun a family in 2017 after welcoming Nicholas and Lucy, a set of twins. Mary, the couple's youngest child, was born in January 2020.

This article was first published on September 18, 2022