Enola Holmes Review: Millie Brown's Sherlock Movie is Worth a Watch

Millie Bobby Brown's titular character in Enola Homes movie is all about woman empowerment, and more.

Film Director: Harry Bradbeer

Film Producer: Mary Parent

Story Penned By: Nancy Springer

Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, Sam Claflin, Louis Partridge

Rating: 4/5

It is somewhat delightful to have a movie that empowers women, and Enola Holmes not only speaks of women empowerment but about the things that a woman can choose to become whatever she wants. Enola Holmes, starring Stranger Things actor Millie Brown as the titular character Enola, is unlike the other women-centric films that anyone in their lifetime has watched. The film makes a strong political point while filling us with much hope.

Enola Holmes, which was released on September 23 on Netflix, does all this without getting limiting itself to just one idea alone. The story revolves around an important vote in the House of Lords, which is to allow the expansion of the suffragette considerably.

Enola Holmes Movie Review
Enola Holmes Is Now Available on Netflix

Here's How The Story Unfolds:

The film, which features the famous Sherlock Holmes, a detective whose skills had already earned quite the reputation, starts with the leading female character "Enola" (Millie Bobby Brown) riding a bicycle while narrating the story behind her unusual name "Enola" or "Alone" when spelt backwards.

In the movie, Enola's mother, a fan of word games, doesn't raise her child like other mothers. She teaches Enola to become a self-dependent woman, who could live her life on her own with her own terms. Enola learns all the things that an educated well-mannered British woman wouldn't be taught at that time. While trying to solve a mystery behind her mother's disappearance, Enola disguises herself as a young boy in Sherlock's childhood clothes and flees her home to search for her mother.

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However, the story isn't about her trying to solve the problem of the world or finding her missing mother, but finding her own identity. While the story keeps unfolding in the most unpredictable manner, the suspense of it will make you more and more curious about what the film's next scene has to offer. While I would have liked to decipher the story for you, it would be more interesting to watch it by yourself.

Fans Reaction To Enola Holmes:

From film critics to fans, many have given a thumbs up to the film. Fans lauded Millie Bobby's performance saying that she is outstanding. Here are some of the tweets that will make it irresistible for you to keep off your eyes from watching Enola Holmes: