England's Milton Keynes Council hit by cyber attack


Hackers carried out a cyber-attack, targeting the planning portal of Milton Keynes Council, a town in Buckinghamshire, England. But the officials stated that no data was at risk.

However, the officials who investigated the cybersecurity breach incident stated that they have taken the system offline during the investigation process and advised people to submit their comments or planning applications by using traditional, officials methods.

As reported by Mkfm.com, a spokesperson of the Milton Keynes Council said that their officials are aware of the cyber attack attempt on the planning portal and they acted very quickly. They also have taken the systems offline during investigation in add in additional security measures

"Anyone wishing to comment on a planning application should email dcadmin@Milton-keynes.gov.uk while we work to restore the system," said the spokesperson.

On Monday, July 22 the Milton Keynes Council's planning portal has a message for the users that read "Please note our public access system is currently undergoing maintenance work. Should you have a query in regards to an application please contact 01908 252358."

The data breach issue was raised during a meeting on Thursday, July 18 when officials met for Development Control Panel. Its chairman Cllr John Bint said there had been a cyberattack on the council in the last 24 hours.

Just a few days ago not just a town but the whole nation of Bulgaria was targeted by cybercriminals, when they attacked country's tax revenue office and made the entire data public after stealing records of more than five million people.

However, it should be noted that as per the reports a few months ago, Truecaller, which is a mobile app developed to find mobile number details globally was targetted by hackers who sold the personal data, which includes details such as the phone numbers and email addresses of the Truecaller users, on private internet forums and dark web. The company, however, has denied all reports of the data breach saying that the user data is safe and that there is no record of the sensitive user information.