An emerging love triangle between Kwak Hyun, Song Eun Jae and Kim Jae Geol in 'Hospital Ship' episodes 17 and 18?

Hospital Ship fans are eagerly waiting to see a love triangle between three characters, Kwak Hyun, Song Eun Jae and Kim Jae Geol.

Hospital Ship
Hospital Ship YouTube screen grab

Popular South Korean television series "Hospital Ship" aired the much-awaited episodes 17 and 18 on Wednesday, September 27, at 10 pm KST (9:00 PM SGT). Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation presented the latest episodes to the audience, portraying a love triangle between three major characters of the series Kwak Hyun, Song Eun Jae and Kim Jae Geol.

Song Eun-Jae (Ha Ji-Won) decided to break up with Kwak Hyun (Kang Min-Hyuk) when she got to know about Choi Young Eun, the painter, and Hyun' s relationship. But Hyun tried to clear all the misunderstandings and rumours about their engagement that the painter had spread.

While ignoring Hyun, the young surgeon however heard from Pyo Go Eun, the nursing superintendent that there was nothing between the two. Her happiness knew no bounds when she heard the truth.

On the other hand, Kwak Hyun spoke to the painter who informed that they had already broken up a year ago and they have no strings attached. A flashback sequence revealed that it was Eun who cheated on the physician.

While rumours suggested that Song Eun-Jae and Kim Jae Geol, the oriental doctor, would become rivals, the plot suddenly changed after Geol's mother suffered a cardiac arrest and the young surgeon defended him in front of his father.After that incident, Geol's attitude towards the young doctor seemed to transform.

In episode 16 the oriental doctor asked the physician about Eun Jae, ending up providing a complex twist to the tale. The oriental doctor's lines "How much do you like Eun Jae? If you like her, be careful. I might try to steal her from you" captivated the audience, and they sure can wait no further. Fans of "Hospital Ship" are hoping to see an interesting love triangle in the upcoming episode.

"Jae Geol has officially entered the Race... and being a gentleman about it," a viewer wrote.

"Recent dramas without second leads have been super refreshing but sometimes it's nice to just go back to old school dramas with cliche love triangles... it also seems like the love triangle won't be too dramatic, especially since Jae Geol is gentlemanly enough to make it a fair game! Though I guess we're gonna have to prepare ourselves for Second Lead Syndrome," said another follower of the MBC drama series.

All viewers can watch the "Hospital Ship" episodes 17 and 18 on AQ Stream, including Viki and DramaFever.