Is Elon Musk Buying Manchester United? Tesla CEO Randomly Tweets 'I'm Buying Manchester United' Leaving Fans Confused

Musk's random tweet has raised hopes among Manchester United supporters as they desperately want a change in the club's ownership.

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Elon Musk left his fans guessing if he will buy UK's top soccer club Manchester United after his much-anticipated $44 billion Twitter buyout deal didn't materialize. Sending shockwaves to his followers, Musk on Tuesday tweeted that he is buying Manchester United. The Tesla boss was urged by his followers to buy the Premier League club earlier this year.

However, it was not clear how serious Musk was about buying the Manchester United club as the billionaire business tycoon has a history of making irrelevant tweets. Manchester United, controlled by the American Glazer family, is yet to comment on this. The football club had a market capitalization of $2.08 billion, as of Tuesday's close.

Musk Shocks Again

Elon Musk Manchester United
Elon Musk randomly tweeted that he will buy Manchester United next Twitter

Musk surprised as well as shocked his followers on Tuesday with yet another random tweet, with people now guessing what his next move will be. "Also, I'm buying Manchester United ur welcome," the Tesla CEO tweeted.

The random tweet comes after he also had randomly posted: "To be clear, I support the left half of the Republican Party and the right half of the Democratic Party!"

The Glazer family, which owns the team did not immediately return a reply from Reuters seeking comment.

With the declaration of intent regarding the purchase of Manchester United coming out of nowhere on Tuesday, Musk, who is known for posting irreverent tweets, seemed to be being ironic in his comment. If he does want to seek a deal, it is unknown.

However, his intention spread like wildfire, with more than 30,000 people retweeting his tweet. Social media users were left in disbelief at Musk's tweet. One user wrote: "Are you serious?"

Elon Musk
Elon Musk Twitter

"You have absolutely no idea the sheer amount of hope you just have to a million fans worldwide. Please do buy us though," wrote another user.

United is one of the world's best-known and best-supported soccer clubs. They have a record of being crowned the champions of England on 20 occasions and have won the European Cup thrice.

Manchester United Fans Hopeful

Musk's random tweet has raised hopes among Manchester United supporters as they desperately want a change in the club's ownership. Manchester United supporters have recently protested against the Glazers, who purchased the club for ($955.51 million) in 2005 due to the team's troubles on the field.

Manchester United
Manchester United Logo Twitter

After United participated in an unsuccessful attempt to establish a breakaway European Super League last year, the anti-Glazer campaign gathered steam.

In recent times, former Man United player, Gary Neville, launched a scathing attack on the club's management. His remarks followed the team's shocking 0-4 loss to Brentford, which dropped them to the bottom of the Premier League rankings after just two games.

This gives fans more reason to urge Musk to buy the club but there has been no further word form the Tesla boss. "Please buy Man Utd. All Man Utd fans would love it. Our club is currently being destroyed by the Glazer family. please. #GlazersOut," wrote one fan.

"You're a top business man who fixes companies. Can you buy @ManUtd? The company needs fixing and you're the man to do it. Also, free sponsorship for yourself too!!' wrote another user.

However, Musk is known for making such shocking comments on Twitter. Earlier this year, Musk also said he was going to buy Twitter. He even reached an agreement to purchase the social media business for $44 billion. He later withdrew the deal, saying the business had not properly disclosed the number of fictitious accounts on the website.

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